CSA AI Summit@RSAC 2024嘉宾演讲PPT合集(共6套打包)

CSA AI Summit@RSAC 2024嘉宾演讲PPT合集(共6套打包)

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    • CSA AI Summit@RSAC 2024嘉宾演讲PPT合集
      • Securing The Cloud- Taking Back The Attacker's Mindset.pdf
      • Elevate Your Game with CrowdStrike and Bring AI Innovation to Your Cloud Detection and Response.pptx.pdf
      • CSA AI Summit at RSAC 2024 - Welcome.pdf
      • How AI Will Help Us Be More Secure.pdf
      • Secure AI Transformation- What We Can Do Now and in the Future.pdf
      • Fighting Fire with Fire- Leveraging AI in cybersecurity.pdf

1、PRESENTED BYSecuring The Cloud:Taking Back The Attackers MindsetChris HoskingCloud Security Evangelist31234AgendaAI Within the Cloud Security ChallengeCloud Threat LandscapeAI to Secure the CloudTaki。

2、2024 CrowdStrike,Inc.All rights reserved.Cristian RodriguezField CTO,Americas,CrowdStrikeElevate Your Game with CrowdStrike and Bring AI Innovation to Your Cloud Detection and Response2024 CrowdStrik。

3、PRESENTED BYAI Safety Initiative Illena ArmstrongPresident,Cloud Security AlliancePractical,Responsible&Safe Copyright 2024 CLOUD SECURITY ALLIANCE30+ACTIVE WORKING GROUPS2009CSA FOUNDEDSINGAPORE。

4、AI is the Key to CISOs Top ChallengesUnlocking the Future2Some AI Fundamentals FirstAI Strengths:Reasoning and logic Communication skills Synthesizing information Pattern identification Creative prob。

5、PRESENTED BYSecure AI transformation:What we can do now and in the futureEfim Hudis,VP Microsoft Security Neta Haiby,Director of AI Security,Microsoft Security2AI is shifting business Every Every Eve。

6、PRESENTED BYHarnessing AI for End-to-End Cloud Security:From Development to RuntimeNayeem IslamVP Product Management Cloud SecurityDe-risk Your Business As cloud adoption accelerates3Leading causes c。