Gartner: 2023高绩效的软件工程团队管理策略研究报告(英文版)(15页).pdf

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Gartner: 2023高绩效的软件工程团队管理策略研究报告(英文版)(15页).pdf

1、How to Lead High-Performing SoftwareEngineering TeamsGartner ResearchAkis SklavounaGartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 1 of 12How to Lead High-Performing Software Engineering TeamsPublished 16 November 2022-ID G00773076-11 min readBy Analyst(s):Akis SklavounakisInitiatives:Software Engineering PracticesSoftw

2、are engineering leaders cannot simply form teams withtalented people and hope that they deliver.Rather,they must drivehigh performance within their teams by fostering psychologicalsafety,improving developer experience and connecting people andteams.OverviewKey FindingsRecommendationsTo lead high-per

3、forming teams,software engineering leaders should:Software engineers are unwilling to take interpersonal risks that drive learning,collaboration and innovation,because software engineering leaders often focus onlyon developing technical skills within their teams,while overlooking human factorssuch a

4、s psychological safety.Software engineers often experience friction in their delivery workflows due todistractions in their work environment,nondevelopment work tasks and inadequatetools.Software engineering teams do not deliver valuable digital products in isolation.Complex product delivery is a“te

5、am of teams”sport that requires organizationwidealignment and support.Foster psychological safety by framing mistakes as opportunities to learn,acknowledging their own mistakes,modeling curiosity and cultivating belonging.They must create an agile learning environment which leads to high performance

6、.Optimize developer experience by improving developer journeys,optimizing forcreative work and providing opportunities to make a meaningful impact.Connect people and teams by adopting the Connector manager approach.Gartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 2 of 12IntroductionSoftware engineering leaders are at the

7、 nexus of business and technology,betweenstrategy and implementation.Your software engineering organization is delivering criticaldigital technology initiatives.Gartners annual Board of Directors survey found that digitaltechnology initiatives are the top strategic business priority for the second c

8、onsecutiveyear.1The board of directors depends on your leadership,your practicesand your empathy to deliver customer value via innovative digitalproducts.Software engineering leaders often struggle to deliver valuable digital products due totalent and skills shortages.Finding talented software engin

9、eers is a great challenge.Oursurveys show that demand for software engineering positions has increased by 10%inthe previous 12 months.On average,there are fewer than eight job applicants for softwareengineering roles,compared to 96 for all other roles,showing that competition forsoftware engineering

10、 talent is fierce.2However,even when you find people with the skills you need,you cannot simply formteams with talented people and hope that they deliver.Instead,you must create the rightenvironment and implement the right processes and practices to lead teams to highproductivity,creativity and resi

11、lience.This research will help your organization meet itsambitious goals for digital initiatives.Which practices should you adopt to lead high-performing teams?Software engineeringleaders must foster psychological safety,optimize developer experience and connectpeople and teams to position their org

12、anization for success in delivering valuable,innovative digital products(see Figure 1).Gartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 3 of 12Figure 1:How to Lead High-Performing Software Engineering TeamsAnalysisFoster Psychological SafetyWe often focus on technical skills and work experience when building teams,but ov

13、erlookpsychological safety the single most important factor for high team performance.3A Gartner survey found that when employees work in a psychologically safe environment,discretionary effort can improve by up to 24%.4 In other words,employees who feelpsychologically safe are more willing to go ab

14、ove and beyond in their daily efforts byhelping others with heavy workloads,volunteering for additional duties or looking forways to perform the job more effectively.Team psychological safety is“a shared belief held by members ofa team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking.”Amy Edmonds

15、on,Harvard University professor and authorGartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 4 of 12Psychological safety creates a virtuous cycle where software engineers are more willing tospeak up and share their viewpoints.Their increased authenticity and participation driveshigh team performance,as engineers feel more

16、comfortable with collaborating,learningand innovating as a team.To foster a psychologically safe environment,software engineering leaders should:Frame failure as an opportunity to learn.Failure can be essential for learning and growth.You should distinguish between blameworthy failures that is,failu

17、res that result fromlack of competency,a policy violation or negligence and praiseworthy failures.Sharethese praiseworthy failures with the team,and focus on the key lessons that your teammembers learned from the failure.To determine if a failure is praiseworthy,ask yourself:Acknowledge their own mi

18、stakes.Demonstrate vulnerability by sharing one of your recentpraiseworthy failures,and outline how the lessons you learned led to positive impact.Setting an example for employees will encourage them to admit their own mistakes andtake greater interpersonal risks without fear of retribution.Model cu

19、riosity.Ask lots of questions in both one-on-one and team discussions.When discussing performance or career-related topics with individual team members,askquestions such as:Did the failure result from trying something new,testing a hypothesis or exploring anew opportunity?Did it occur because you or

20、 the team did not anticipate changing circumstances?Did it stem from tackling a particularly complex task or collaborating with many ornew stakeholders?What do you want to accomplish?What impact will you have?How will you accomplish your goals?What obstacles would prevent you fromaccomplishing this?

21、What does success look like?How can I help you achieve your goals?Gartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 5 of 12When leading team discussions about the organizations goals,ask questions such as:Cultivate a sense of belonging.Incorporate these practices within your teams:Figure 2 illustrates the four pillars of

22、psychological safety.How might our roles and responsibilities need to change to best supportorganizational goals?What potential ideas and strategies can help us achieve these goals?As a team,how can we overcome possible barriers to supporting these goals?What are the unique strengths and weaknesses

23、of our team?How might thesequalities affect our ability to support organizational goals in our daily work?Create shared goals:Lead a workshop with the team to craft shared,team-levelgoals.These shared objectives will provide a common sense of purpose andencourage team members to collaborate and hold

24、 each other accountable.Appreciate and understand cultural differences:Encourage team members to sharepersonal stories that promote a better understanding of their culture.Acknowledgeall public and religious holidays that team members observe.When schedulingmeetings,be considerate of the time zones

25、in which all team members are based.Celebrate success:Provide public recognition when the team performs well.Thisincludes both celebrating individual accolades from managers and peers,andpraising the team for its collective performance.Gartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 6 of 12Figure 2:4 Pillars of Psycholo

26、gical SafetySee Quick Answer:How Do We Build Psychological Safety in Our Software Engineering Teams?for further advice.Psychological safety is a key component of a continuous learning culture.You should create learning opportunities by starting an agile learning program.Agile learning offers an effe

27、ctive way for employees and enterprises to acquire new skills,thrive amid future-of-work shifts and deliver successful business outcomes.Learning faster than other organizations is the only sustainable advantage in todays talent market.To foster a culture of agile learning,start by shifting the mind

28、set of employees from waiting for learning to happen to proactively seeking learning opportunities by creating an environment that supports learning.Make learning part of the job,not time away from or in addition to it.Carve out some common time for learning activities each week.It shows managements

29、 commitment to learning and willingness to invest productive capacity to improve engineering skills and competencies.See How to Establish a Reskilling/Upskilling Talent Development Program for Software Engineering for further details.Gartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 7 of 12Optimize Developer ExperienceDev

30、eloper experience refers to all aspects of interactions between developers and thetools,platforms,processes and people they work with,to develop and deliver softwareproducts and services.A frustrating developer experience is a common challenge,and itoften undermines your team members productivity an

31、d job satisfaction.A Stack Overflow developer survey found that a few of the greatest challenges todeveloper productivity are a distracting work environment,being tasked withnondevelopment work and inadequate access to necessary tools.5 To overcome theseobstacles and optimize the experience for your

32、 developers,software engineering leadersmust focus on three core pillars:Improving developer journeys by:Streamlining the onboarding experienceImplementing self-service DevOps workflowsEstablishing accelerated feedback loopsOptimizing for creative work by:Safeguarding focus time for engineers to do

33、deep workBuilding a collaborative work environmentAutomating repetitive tasks to reduce toilProviding opportunities to make a meaningful impact by:Contributing to the wider communityFostering a safe environment for experimentation and learningEliciting and sharing direct feedback from end usersGartn

34、er,Inc.|G00773076Page 8 of 12Speak with your teams to understand their needs and discover the points of friction andfrustration in the development process.Establish regular developer surveys to captureobjective and subjective metrics of happiness and productivity within teams,and takeactions to impr

35、ove them.Treat software engineers like customers and perform customerjourney mapping with an aim to provide an environment where they can do their bestwork.Friction makes it difficult for software engineering teams to meet businessexpectations for speed and responsiveness.The most significant source

36、 of softwareengineering friction is dependencies.Dependencies are caused when softwareengineering teams are required to hand off work,rely on other roles and teams to get workdone,or depend on shared technologies to achieve objectives.To minimize dependencies,software engineering leaders must:Figure

37、 3 highlights the three essential elements of good developer experience.Structure teams with people who have all the skills the team needs,including rolesthat are dedicated to managing and coordinating dependencies.Provide teams with access to all systems,tools and resources they need to get theirjo

38、bs done.Implement platform engineering to streamline the complete software developmentlife cycle from ideation to realization of customer value.Work with peers and other leaders in the organization to align goals,incentives andobjectives across functions and practices.Gartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 9 of

39、 12Figure 3:Essentials of Good Developer ExperienceSee A Software Engineering Leaders Guide to Improving Developer Experience for detailed advice.Connect People and TeamsSoftware engineering teams do not deliver valuable digital products in isolation.Complex product delivery is not only a team sport

40、,but an organizationwide game.It is also a long-term game.Short-term increases in productivity may not always be sustainable,as team members can overexert themselves leading to burnout and attrition.To achieve sustainable high performance in their teams,software engineering leaders must provide team

41、 members with high-quality connections that enhance both their performance and their mental well-being.The Connector Manager approach boosts sustainable performance by as much as 45%.6Software engineering leaders and their team leaders should take the Connector manager approach by creating three typ

42、es of connections:Gartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 10 of 12Employee connection.Get to know each of your team members on a personal level andpartner with them to create individualized development goals that align with their needsand interests.Ask questions such as:Team connection.Promote reciprocal and rea

43、l-time development within the team by:Organization connection.Make quality development connections outside of the team.Prioritize the quality of these connections,rather than focusing on quantity.Build thisecosystem of connections by:What are your long-term career aspirations?What support do you nee

44、d from me to achieve your goals?What specific skills do you want to learn,either within your role or in future roles?Assessing each team members strengths and skills proficiency.Identify areas thatcould improve with greater collaboration between team members.Using skill profiles to pair employees wi

45、th opposing strengths and developmentneeds.Encouraging collaborative practices such as pair programming for fast and high-impact learning.Establishing informal cross-function learning programs,such as communities ofpractice.Matching employees across teams with complementary strengths to develop then

46、eeded skills and the right behaviors.Inviting individuals from all functions to volunteer as a coach or mentor to increasethe likelihood that employees will find relevant help.Gartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 11 of 12Evidence1 2023 Gartner Board of Directors Survey on Business Strategy in an Uncertain Wor

47、ld:This survey was conducted to understand the new approaches adopted by nonexecutive boards of directors(BoDs)to drive growth in a rapidly changing business environment.The survey also sought to understand the BoDs focus on investments in digital acceleration;sustainability;and diversity,equity and

48、 inclusion.The survey was conducted online from June through July 2022 among 281 respondents from North America,Latin America,Europe and Asia/Pacific.Respondents came from all industries,except governments,nonprofits,charities and NGOs,and from organizations with$50 million or more in annual revenue

49、.Respondents were required to be a board director or a member of a corporate board of directors.If respondents served on multiple boards,they answered for the largest company,defined by its annual revenue,for which they are a board member.Disclaimer:The results of this survey do not represent global

50、 findings or the market as a whole,but reflect the sentiments of the respondents and companies surveyed.2 Gartner TalentNeuron is a labor market intelligence solution combining real-time data from job postings,censuses and government statistical bureaus with expert research and advice.3 Guide:Unders

51、tand Team Effectiveness,Google re:Work.4 2017 Gartner Culture Workforce Survey:This survey collected data from 7,502 global employees and HR leaders across 25 industries and 23 countries.5 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2019,Stack Overflow.6 The 2020 Manager of the Future survey is a contin

52、uation of the 2017 Connector Manager research study.The survey simulates the work environment of the future and evaluates what the best managers are doing to prepare employees for it.It was conducted from 1 December 2020 to 18 December 2020.A total of 4,787 employees and managers were surveyed acros

53、s 20 industries and 14 countries.The survey was designed and developed by Gartners HR Practice research team.Recommended by the AuthorSome documents may not be available as part of your current Gartner subscription.How to Turn a Team of Engineers Into a High-Performing Application Development Organi

54、zationGartner,Inc.|G00773076Page 12 of 12Quick Answer:How Do We Build Psychological Safety in Our Software Engineering Teams?How to Attract,Develop and Retain Great Software Engineering TalentSoftware Engineering Teams Must Learn to Deliver More ValueOvercome Talent Shortages by Building Diverse,Equ

55、itable and Inclusive Software Engineering TeamsQuick Answer:How to Create a Frictionless Onboarding Experience for Software Engineers Quick Answer:Create Compelling Job Descriptions to Attract Software Engineering Talent Infographic:Reduce Software Engineering Friction by Minimizing DependenciesCase

56、 Study:Developer-Centric Approach to Building a High-Value DevOps Toolchain(LexisNexis)5 Tactics to Drive Greater Business Value From Software Delivery 2023 Gartner,Inc.and/or its affiliates.All rights reserved.Gartner is a registered trademark ofGartner,Inc.and its affiliates.This publication may n

57、ot be reproduced or distributed in any formwithout Gartners prior written permission.It consists of the opinions of Gartners researchorganization,which should not be construed as statements of fact.While the information contained inthis publication has been obtained from sources believed to be relia

58、ble,Gartner disclaims all warrantiesas to the accuracy,completeness or adequacy of such information.Although Gartner research mayaddress legal and financial issues,Gartner does not provide legal or investment advice and its researchshould not be construed or used as such.Your access and use of this

59、publication are governed byGartners Usage Policy.Gartner prides itself on its reputation for independence and objectivity.Itsresearch is produced independently by its research organization without input or influence from anythird party.For further information,see Guiding Principles on Independence a

60、nd Objectivity.Actionable,objective insightAlready a client?Get access to even more resources in your client portal.Log InPosition your software organization for success.Explore these additional complimentary resources and tools for software engineering leaders:ResearchUse Value Stream Metrics to Im

61、prove Agile EffectivenessApply flow metrics to continuously improve processes.Download NoweBookBuilding a World Class Software Engineering OrganizationGain insights on the three key drivers of success over time for software engineering.Download eBookWebinarCIO and Software Engineering Leader Roadmap

62、 to Create a World-Class OrganizationWalk through the simple roadmap to achieving a world-class software organization.Watch NowWebinarTake Greater Advantage of Software Engineering to Grow Business ValueExplore methods to assess value created through software development.Watch Now 2023 Gartner,Inc.a

63、nd/or its affiliates.All rights reserved.CM_GTS_2164886Connect With UsLearn more about Gartner for IT Leaders connected to the latest insightsGet actionable,objective insight to deliver on your mission-critical priorities.Our expert guidance and tools enable faster,smarter decisions and stronger performance.Contact us to become a client:U.S.:1 855 811 7593International:+44(0)03330 607 044Become a Client



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