Expedia Group:2023年第三季度旅游业洞察报告(英文版)(14页).pdf

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Expedia Group:2023年第三季度旅游业洞察报告(英文版)(14页).pdf

1、Traveler Insights2023|Q3Travel enthusiasm holds strongEach quarter,we share insights into traveler intent and demand basedon 70 petabytes of our first-partydata from hundreds of millions of travelers visiting our traveler brands around the world.In addition tofirst-party insights,we also conduct cus

2、tom research to help inform youon how to best understand andengage with todays travelers.We released The Path to Purchase:Uncovering how travelers plan and book online research in July,whichdives into the influences and resources used throughout the travelers pathto purchase,from inspiration to book

3、ing.The research showed that80%of travelers who visited an OTA during their path to purchase spentan average of 160 minutes onOTAs in the 45 days before makinga purchase.To provide more insightinto how travelers spend this timewith OTAs,were following up withour first-party data,looking at how visit

4、ors to Expedia Group traveler brands search,plan,and book travel.For the second quarter of 2023,our research and data show that traveler enthusiasm remains strong,with the return of seasonal trends like quicktrips tied to events and spring and summer holidays in the Northern Hemisphere.Long-haul des

5、tinations outside of home regions also rose in popularity,indicating that international travel demand continues to grow.Search volume steadies,whileEMEA shows growth.Following a strong 25%quarter-over-quarter(QoQ)increase in traveler searches on our traveler brands in Q1 2023,search volumes in Q2 he

6、ld steady with the prior quarter,indicating sustained travel interest globally.This trend is consistent with seasonality in previous years,with persistant search volumes in Q2 2022 after a 25%QoQ lift in searches in Q1 2022.Europe,the Middle East,and Africa(EMEA)showed the strongest search growth,wi

7、th a 10%increase in searches both QoQ and year-over-year(YoY).Globally,week-over-week(WoW)search volume fluctuated throughout Q2,with some upticks leading up to and around major holidays and events.During the week of April 10,EMEA saw a 20%WoW increase in search volume,Oct-22Feb-23Apr-23Jun-23Aug-22

8、Dec-22Jun-22Destinations super-regions|WoW search%changeQ2|2023NORAMAPACEMEALATAMSource:Expedia Group data,Q2 2022-Q2 2023Globally,week-over-week(WoW)search volume fluctuated throughout Q2 with some upticks leading up to and around major holidays and events.20%10%10%increase in WoW searches in EMEA

9、week of April 10increase in searches both QoQ and YoY in EMEAincrease in WoW searches in NORAM and LATAM week of May 22with a nearly 30%increase in domestic searches and an over 15%increase in international searches.This uptickmay have been tied to planning for then-upcoming events,including the Kin

10、gs Coronation(May 6)and Eurovision in Liverpool(May 7),revealing that travelers in EMEAare searching nearly one month out.North America(NORAM)and Latin America(LATAM)searches were strong the week of May 22 leading up to Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.,with around a 10%increase in each region.This t

11、ells us that these travelers may be booking last minute,especially in advance of three-day weekends.European cities saw substantial increases in search volume,with some experiencing double-digit growth in the quarter,including cities throughout Italy:Rome(30%),Venice(30%),and Florence(40%).Turkish b

12、each cities such as Antalya and Dalaman also saw strong search growthin Q2,experiencing a nearly 70%and an over 150%uptick in searches,respectively.To take a closer look at how travel demand has changed since COVID-19,we compared Q2 2023 search volumes to Q2 2019 and saw some interesting increases t

13、hat highlight the growing traveler interest in the region.BothMilan and Florence saw an over 50%increase in searches,while Dalaman experienced a triple-digit boost in searches.Additionally,secondary citiesin Italy saw impressive double-digit growth compared to 2019,including Genoa(nearly 90%)and Cat

14、ania(over 80%).With the popularity of European cities during spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere,this increase in searches is likely connected to seasonal travel planning and traveler interest in smaller cities or lesser-known destinations.Italian cities with an increase in search volume Qo

15、Q in Q2:Traveler interest on the rise for European cities30%30%40%RomeFlorenceVeniceTravelers planning for the short term Our Path to Purchase research revealed that travelers(and not just those that book on our apps and experiences)on average,spend 71 days researchingand planning a trip and book th

16、eir trips 73 days before the trip starts.International travelers understandably have a longer path to purchase of 85 days and an extended post-purchase window of 94 days,compared to the 61-day path to purchase and 60-day post-purchase window for domestic travelers.This is aligned with our data,speci

17、fically on international travel.International searches in the 0-to 90-day window increased nearly 15%QoQ,with the61-to 90-day search window increasing 10%this quarter.In another indicator that seasonal trends are returning,we saw travelers again planning for the short term with short-lead trips duri

18、ng the spring Global traveler search windows|WoW%Change2022-2023Source:Expedia Group data,Q2 2022-Q2 202331-60 Days0-21 Days61-90 Days91-180 Days180+Days22-30 DaysJun-22Feb-23Jun-23Oct-22Globally,searches in the 0-to 60-day window increased by 15%QoQ,with a 15%increase in the 0-to 21-day window.and

19、summer months in the Northern Hemisphere.Globally,searches in the0-to 60-day window increased by more than 10%QoQ,with a 15%increase in the 0-to 21-day window.In NORAM,search share in the0-to 21-day window increased 15%QoQ,while EMEA and LATAM saw an approximately 10%increase in the0-to 21-day windo

20、w compared to Q1.Domestic search windows for near-term planning grew in EMEA,LATAM,and NORAM,with 10%QoQ growth in LATAM and NORAM for the 0-to 21-day window,and 30%QoQ growth in the 31-to 60-day window in EMEA.Interestingly,in Asia Pacific(APAC),the 91-to 180-day window for domestic searches increa

21、sed by nearly 20%QoQ.Although most APAC travelers are planning short-lead domestic trips,this indicates there are signs of growth for longer-lead planning.Long-haul destinationson the rise In Q2,there was some movement among the global top 10 list of booked destinations,while New York City,Las Vegas

22、,and London held on to the top spots.Tokyo moved up from#8 to#6,and Boston joined the rankings at#10,while Honolulu moved off the list.Looking at the top 10 booked destinations across all regions,long-haul destinations outside the origin region rose in popularity,showing that international travel de

23、mand remains strong.London and New York were both popular destinations for travelers,appearing on the top 10 booked destinations list across all regions.London and New York appear on the top 10 booked destinations list in every regionLong-haul international routes rose in popularity,with more travel

24、ers searching for trips from North America to destinations in Asia and Europe.Q2 data shows that searches from the U.S.to China increased by over 30%during the quarter,and searches from Canada to Italy increased by over 15%.Additionally,searches from Hong Kong to Japan increased by more than 30%duri

25、ng Q2,which could be a result of Japan lifting all COVID-19 travel restrictions last quarter.Top 10 booked destinations|Q2 2023For NORAM travelers New York,New York Las Vegas,Nevada Los Angeles,California Chicago,Illinois Orlando,Florida London,England Cancun,Mexico Boston,Massachusetts*Paris,France

26、 San Francisco,California*For EMEA travelers London,England New York,New York Paris,France Dubai,UAE Barcelona,Spain Amsterdam,Netherlands Istanbul,Turkey*Rome,Italy Copenhagen,Denmark Stockholm,Sweden*For LATAM travelers Mexico City,Mexico New York,New York Cancun,Mexico So Paulo,Brazil Madrid,Spai

27、n Paris,France Rio de Janeiro,Brazil London,England*Playa del Carmen,Mexico Las Vegas,Nevada For APAC travelers Tokyo,Japan Osaka,Japan London,England Seoul,South Korea Singapore Paris,France Bangkok,Thailand Taipei,Taiwan Honolulu,Hawaii New York,New York*New top 10 destination Source:Expedia Group

28、 data,Q2 2023The rise of long-haul international routesFor APAC travelers,London and Bangkok moved up in the rankings,and New York joined the top 10 booked destinations list.Newcomers Istanbul and Stockholm entered the top 10 for EMEA travelers,while New York held on to the#1 spot.There was also mov

29、ement in the top destinations for LATAM travelers,with New York and Madrid moving up in the rankings from#3 to#2 and from#6 to#5,respectively,and London joining the list.For NORAM travelers,Los Angeles moved up to#3 from#5,and Boston and San Francisco joined the top 10.Consistent with a theme we hav

30、e seen in previous reports,domestic travel continuesto drive the vacation rental category.Vacation rental guests from APAC continuedto seek out destinations within Australia,which accounted for seven of the 10 top-booked destinations,with Port Macquarie joining the list.Similarly,destinationswithin

31、Brazil remained popular among LATAM vacation rental guests,with So Paulo and Campos do Jordo entering the top 10 list.EMEA vacation rental guests continued to seek out waterside destinations with Davenport,Florida,and Antibes,France,joining the list as newcomers.Vacation rental destination trendsTop

32、 10 Vrbo-booked destinations|Q2 2023*New Top 10 destination For EMEA travelers Paris,France Albufeira,Portugal Kissimmee,Florida Nice,France Cuxhaven,Germany Davenport,Florida*London,England Playa Blanca,Spain Antibes,France*Porto-Vecchio,France For APAC travelers Queenstown,New Zealand Surfers Para

33、dise,Australia Dunsborough,Australia Cowes,Australia Bright,Australia Paris,France London,England Port Douglas,Australia Port Macquarie,Australia*Jindabyne,Australia For NORAM travelers Panama City Beach,Florida Gulf Shores,Alabama Orange Beach,Alabama Destin,Florida Myrtle Beach,South Carolina Kiss

34、immee,Florida Hilton Head,South Carolina Sevierville,Tennessee Lahaina,Hawaii Miramar Beach,Florida For LATAM travelers Rio de Janeiro,Brazil Bertioga,Brazil Guaruj,Brazil So Paulo,Brazil*Praia Grande,Brazil Cabo Frio,Brazil Kissimmee,Florida Ubatuba,Brazil Campos do Jordo,Brazil*Paris,France*Source

35、:Expedia Group data,Q2 2023Sporting events in the spotlightOur Path to Purchase study foundthat 24%of travelers are initiallyinspired to take a trip because of a specific event or celebration such as a concert,festival,sporting event,or wedding.This correlates with our Q2 data as major sports games

36、and tournaments drove strong search increases for the corresponding destinations,and many fans returned to large-scale live sporting events as COVID-19 concerns waned.For example,the annual UEFA Europa Conference League Final was held in Prague,Czech Republic,on June 7 this year.In Q2,international

37、searches to Prague increased by nearly 15%YoY,indicating that this boost in searches could be connected to fans looking to travel overseas to watch the UEFA final game in person.Searches for Prague in Q2 primarily came from travelers in the U.S.and Germany,though the UK and Italy trailed closely beh

38、ind as West Ham United F.C.and Fiorentina played in the final game.Additionally,the share of Italian travelers coming to Prague in Q2 increased YoY,indicating that the event was likely a significant driver of tourism to the region from Italy.Similarly,with the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final held i

39、n Istanbul on June 10,Q2 international searches to the region increased by nearly 10%YoY.Interestingly,when comparing Q2 searches from the UK to Istanbul and Prague,search volume to Istanbul was nearly 3x that of searches to Prague likely due to the strong interest in Manchester City reaching the fi

40、nal game for the first time.24%of travelers are initially inspired to take a trip because of a specific event or celebrationAdditionally,Wimbledon,which was held in London from June 26 through July 6,drew strong interest as travelers planned their trips,with global search demand to London increasing

41、 over 15%YoY in Q2.Domestic searches among EMEA travelers drove this increase,accounting for nearly 40%of searches a more than 5%increase compared to 2022.As we look toward the remainder of 2023,we will continue to watch whatis inspiring travelers to take their next trip and how they are searching,p

42、lanning,and booking.Our Path to Purchase research provides additional insight into how travelers are consuming content and whats influencing them throughout the travel shopping journey,both on and off of OTA websites.Be sure to download the full report to earn how you can connect with and convert travelers.



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