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1、Salary Guide2024Hong Kong2PERSOLKELLY is a joint venture established in 2016 between PERSOL HOLDINGS(previously Temp Holdings)and Kelly Services to cater to the rising workforce employment needs of the emerging Asia Pacific market.We are one of the largest workforce solutions providers in the region

2、,spanning over 80 offices across 13 markets including Australia,China,Hong Kong,India,Indonesia,Malaysia,New Zealand,Philippines,Singapore,South Korea,Taiwan,Thailand and Vietnam.Our reach,scope,and scale of operations have set the industry standard for cross-border recruitment and holistic workforc

3、e solutions.Since its inception,PERSOLKELLY has placed over 59,000 positions across the region and works together with 98%of Fortune 100 companies for their workforce solution needs.In Australia and New Zealand,the PERSOLKELLY brand is owned and operated by Programmed after they acquired Kelly Servi

4、ces in April 2020.Connect with us on Facebook,LinkedIn,&Instagram.Visit .hk2 3ContentsMethodology:Salary figures included in the 2024 Hong Kong Salary Guide are derived by combining the expert market knowledge of senior recruitment professionals within the PERSOLKELLY Hong Kong network,as well as jo

5、b placement data recorded on the PERSOLKELLY Malaysia database.Executive Overview 4Banking&Financial Services 6Corporate Professionals 14 Engineering 19 FMCG,Retail and Luxury 22 Insurance 31 Real Estate&Construction 36Staffing 41 Supply Chain and Logistics 49Technology 52References 59 34However,it

6、is fair to say that there are some lingering after-effects from the pandemic.While the unemployment rate in Hong Kong declined to a four-year low of 2.8%in the third quarter of 20231,the macro-economic environment remains subdued due to a combination of factors.Hong Kong has been impacted by the mod

7、erate recovery of the mainland China economy,while its role as a trade-oriented economy and international financial centre has also made it vulnerable to the weaker global economic environment particularly in industries such as financial services,technology and logistics.2023 was the year that Hong

8、Kong reopened for business.Following a challenging few years,during which the Hong Kong economy faced significant headwinds from measures to contain the pandemic,the territory had started reopening its borders towards the end of 2022.This was followed by a burst of business activity particularly onc

9、e the border with mainland China was reopened in early 2023.Executive Overview 5Top Talent Pass scheme,resulted in 100,000 successful applications by October 2023 of which 60,000 talents had already arrived in the city.2 This can be considered good news for employers,who will have a larger pool of t

10、alents to draw from going forward.With competition for available candidates still intense,companies across many industries have sharped their employee value propositions.Pay remains a key motivation for candidates,and it is absolutely critical that employers are aware of the salary levels in their i

11、ndustry.However,it is also the case that candidates are carefully weighing up other aspects of the overall package.In the battle for talent,company culture has increased in importance.We have seen many companies shift their focus to employer branding and employee wellness initiatives to ensure they

12、attract the talent they require.Younger Gen Z professionals in particular are looking to work for businesses that align with their own values.As ever,technological advances mean that candidates looking to future-proof their career would do well to continue honing their digital skills.In this respect

13、,a key trend has been the emergence of generative artificial intelligence(AI),with Inbound visitor numbers have also not recovered to pre-pandemic levels,although there is optimism that promotional campaigns run by the government to boost the profile of the city for instance the Hello Hong Kong camp

14、aign will have a positive effect going forward.All of these developments have impacted activity in the recruitment market in 2023,which in general can be described as having been slightly calmer than in previous years.While economic conditions would have been a key factor,it is also worth pointing o

15、ut that there had been a large number of job moves in preceding years,which may have impacted the willingness of candidates to take on a new job opportunity within a relatively short amount of time.As in previous years,Hong Kong is still facing a shortage of talent with emigration of mainly junior a

16、nd mid-level professionals a key factor.It can also be observed that candidates in many industries have become more selective in terms of expected pay,work-life balance and the availability of a clear career path.In this respect,it is promising to see that the governments initiatives to attract tale

17、nt from outside of Hong Kong have been successful.Various talent admission schemes,including the many industries demonstrating use cases over the past year in a wide range of areas such as customer services,content creation and digital marketing.There is no question that the workforce of the future

18、will be expected to engage with these new AI tools.Looking ahead to 2024 we are cautiously optimistic about the prospects of the Hong Kong economy.Although much will depend on the performance of the mainland China economy,as well as economies across Asia Pacific,we are starting to see a pick-up in r

19、ecruitment activity in many industries and would expect that upward trend to continue.The insights in this salary guide are based on the in-depth market knowledge of our recruitment consultants.We hope that this information will prove useful as you prepare your organisational goals and talent strate

20、gy for the year ahead.Sam LeeAdministrative Director&Regional Finance DirectorPERSOLKELLY Hong Kong6As a vibrant international financial centre,financial services and banking play a key role in Hong Kongs economy.The sector accounts for over 20%of GDP,while 78 out of the worlds top 100 banks have es

21、tablished a presence in the city.Hong Kong is also ranked among the top four financial centres in the world and also boasts the largest offshore RMB hub.3 The performance of the sector has come under pressure since 2022 as a result of the lingering impact of the pandemic,a global economic slowdown a

22、nd the higher interest rate environment.For instance,listings on the Hong Kong stock exchange tumbled to their lowest level in 2022,while funds raised dropped by 70%year-on-year.4 To generate higher returns,asset managers are increasingly focus on alternative investments,such as private equity and r

23、eal estate.However,challenges in the market have also had an impact on employment in the sector,with a number of international investment banks having made redundancies in recent periods.5Digital transformation remains a key theme among companies in the financial services industry as companies look

24、to continue to improve their customer experience and seek efficiencies in their back office operations.Over the last year,artificial intelligence in particular the use of generative AI applications such as ChatGPT has become a major focus.Banks are looking to apply AI technology in areas such as cha

25、tbots,anti-money laundering,cyber security and marketing segmentation.6 There are also major opportunities to use AI and machine learning to improve efficiencies.As a result of increased digitisation,employers will increasingly be focusing on candidates that can demonstrate technology proficiency.ES

26、G(environmental,social and governance)also remains a key growth area as Hong Kong looks to build itself into a hub for green and sustainable finance.This has seen financial institutions develop new sustainable products such as green bonds and ETFs.7At the same time,climate-related disclosure require

27、ments mean banks are having to track the impact of their operations on the environment.Such information is also increasingly demanded by investors as they look to rebalance their investments towards companies that are having a positive impact on the environment and wider society.As a result,candidat

28、es with expertise in sustainable finance and implementing ESG strategies will be increasingly sought after in the coming years.The Hong Kong government has sought to push fintech as a major subsector in the financial services industry.This has resulted in a vibrant fintech landscape,with Hong Kong b

29、eing home to over 800 fintech companies and over 3,900 start-ups.8 Hong Kong has also sought to boost its position as hub for virtual assets,particularly by providing regulatory clarity through regulations such as the new licensing scheme for centralised virtual asset trading platforms that trade no

30、n-security tokens,which was launched in 2023.9Due to the growing complexity of financial markets and demand for specialist staff,firms in Hong Kong are struggling to find qualified professionals.Portfolio managers,research analysts,and data scientists are currently among the most in-demand roles.Wit

31、h talent in short supply,companies in the financial services industry have been sharpening their employee value proposition.While offering a competitive salary and benefits package remains critical,companies are also increasingly focusing on professional development and career growth.They are also k

32、een to showcase a positive work culture with a good work-life balance and one that promotes employee wellbeing.Generally speaking,employers in the industry are recognising the importance of Banking&Financial Services 7investing in their employees and establishing a culture that supports their succes

33、s and satisfaction.Recruitment activity in the industry was challenging in 2023.However,we are still optimistic about the long-term prospects of Hong Kong.There is potential for the global economy to improve in 2024 as the post-pandemic recovery continues and central banks around the world potential

34、ly start adopting a less restrictive interest rate environment.However,these predictions are subject to the prevailing market conditions and there remains a degree of uncertainty.Salary increases across the industry are varied.For professionals it is common to receive regular salary increases at the

35、ir companies as they gain more experience and expertise.These pay rises can range from a few percentage points to double-digit increases,particularly for those taking on additional responsibilities.Talents that are switching to a new company will generally expect a 20-30%increment.8Banking&Financial

36、 ServicesMAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)INVESTMENT BANKING&FINANCIAL MARKETSEquity ResearchMD15+1.8m+DIRECTOR10+1.4m2.5mVP7-10600k1.5mASSOCIATE3-7500k960k ANALYST0-3300k850kSales&TradingMD15+2.3m+DIRECTOR10+1.6m2.7mVP7-101.4m2.1mASSOCIATE3-7720k1.4mANALYST0-3420k720kComplianc

37、eMD15+2m+DIRECTOR10+1.4m2mVP7-10900k1.4mASSOCIATE3-7500k900kANALYST0-3300k500kCORPORATE BANKINGRelationship ManagerMD15+1.8m+DIRECTOR10+1.2m2.2mVP7-10560k1.5mASSOCIATE3-7425k850kANALYST0-3280k550kPRIVATE BANKINGRelationship ManagerMD15+1.8m+DIRECTOR10+1.5m2mVP7-101m1.8mASSOCIATE3-7720k1mANALYST0-348

38、0k720kInvestment CounsellorMD15+1.6m+DIRECTOR10+1.3m1.8mVP7-10800k1.5mASSOCIATE3-7600k960kANALYST0-3480k720k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).9Banking&Financial ServicesRange of Annual Base Salary(HKD)PRIVATE BANKINGProduct SpecialistMD15+1.6m+DIRECT

39、OR10+1.3m1.8mVP7-10800k1.5mASSOCIATE3-7600k960kANALYST0-3480k720kAssistant Relationship ManagerDIRECTOR10+720k+VP7-10500k720kASSOCIATE3-7360k540kANALYST0-3300k420kASSET MANAGEMENTInstutitional/Distribution SalesMD15+2m+DIRECTOR10+1.4m2mVP7-10900k1.4mASSOCIATE3-7600k900kANALYST0-3400k600kPortfolio Ma

40、nagementMD15+1.8m+DIRECTOR10+1.5m+1.8mVP7-101m1.5mASSOCIATE3-7800k1mANALYST0-3550k800kFund AccountingMD15+1mDIRECTOR10+720k1mVP7-10540k720kASSOCIATE3-7420k540kANALYST0-3250k420kClient ServicesMD15+1.4m+DIRECTOR10+1m1.4mVP7-10750k1mASSOCIATE3-7450k 750kANALYST0-3250k450k In Demand Role|Figures are ba

41、se salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)10Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)ASSET MANAGEMENTResearchMD15+1.5m+DIRECTOR10+1m1.5mVP7-10800k1mASSOCIATE3-7500k800kANALYST0-3350k500kRequest for Proposal(RFP)MD15+1m+DIRECTOR10+750k1mVP7-10500k750kASSOCIATE3-7350k 500kANA

42、LYST0-3200k350kFund OperationMD15+750k+DIRECTOR10+500k750kVP7-10300k500kASSOCIATE3-7250k 300kANALYST0-3180k250kComplianceMD15+1.7m+DIRECTOR10+1.1m2mVP7-10700k1.1mASSOCIATE3-7450k700kANALYST0-3320k450kHedge Fund-InvestmentMD15+2m+DIRECTOR10+1m2mVP7-10900k1.3mASSOCIATE3-7700k900kANALYST0-3450k700kHedg

43、e Fund-TraderMD15+2m+DIRECTOR10+1.3m2mVP7-10900k1.3mASSOCIATE3-7550k900kANALYST0-3350k550k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Banking&Financial ServicesMAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)11Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)ACCOUNTING&FINANCEFinancial Control/Reporti

44、ngMD15+1.8m+DIRECTOR10+840k+VP7-10600k840kASSOCIATE3-7384k600kANALYST0-3192k384kRegulatory ReportingMD15+1.2m+DIRECTOR10+720k1.2mVP7-10540k720kASSOCIATE3-7420k540kANALYST0-3216k420kManagement ReportingMD15+1.6m+DIRECTOR10+1m1.6mVP7-10600k1mASSOCIATE3-7360k600kANALYST0-3240k360kInternal AuditMD15+1.8

45、m+DIRECTOR10+1.2m1.8mVP7-10720k1.2mASSOCIATE3-7420k720kANALYST0-3240k420kTreasuryMD15+1.4m+DIRECTOR10+960k+VP7-10600k960kASSOCIATE3-7360k600kANALYST0-3216k360kProduct ControlMD15+1.4m+DIRECTOR10+960k+VP7-10600k960kASSOCIATE3-7420k600kANALYST0-3264k420k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not incl

46、uding Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Banking&Financial ServicesMAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)12Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)ACCOUNTING&FINANCEProject ManagementMD15+2m+DIRECTOR10+1.5m+VP7-10780k1.5mASSOCIATE3-7456k780kANALYST0-3264k456kRISK&COMPLIANCEKYC/CDDMD15+1.2m+DIRECTOR10+700k850kVP7-10500k700kASSO

47、CIATE3-7340k500kANALYST0-3240k340kRisk ManagementMD15+1.5m+DIRECTOR10+1m1.5mVP7-10720k1mASSOCIATE3-7480k720kANALYST0-3240k480kFinancial Crime Compliance/Anti-Money LaunderingMD15+1.4m+DIRECTOR10+1.2m1.5mVP7-10700k1.2mASSOCIATE3-7400k700kANALYST0-3240k400kChief Compliance OfficerMD15+2.5m+Head of Com

48、plianceMD15+1.5mDIRECTOR10+1.2m1.5mAnti Bribery and CorruptionMD15+1.2m+DIRECTOR10+1m1.2mVP7-10600k1mASSOCIATE3-7360k600kANALYST0-3240k360k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Banking&Financial ServicesMAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)13Range of Annual Base Salar

49、y(HKD)RISK&COMPLIANCEForensic AccountingMD15+1.5m+DIRECTOR10+1.2m1.5mVP7-101m1.2mASSOCIATE3-7450k 1mANALYST0-3240k450k Legal CounselMD15+1.8m+DIRECTOR10+1.2m+VP7-10860k1.2mASSOCIATE3-7700k850kANALYST0-3550k700kOPERATIONSAdministrationDIRECTOR10+504k720kVP7-10336k504kASSOCIATE3-7192k336kANALYST0-3156

50、k192kLoans OperationMD15+1m+DIRECTOR10+690k1mVP7-10465k690kASSOCIATE3-7252k465kANALYST0-3180k252kRemittanceMD15+1m+DIRECTOR10+675k1mVP7-10392k675kASSOCIATE3-7225k392kANALYST0-3156k225kTrade ServicesMD15+1m+DIRECTOR10+690k1mVP7-10465k690kASSOCIATE3-7270k465kANALYST0-3180k270k In Demand Role|Figures a

51、re base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Banking&Financial ServicesMAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)14Corporate Professionals When it comes to recruiting corporate professionals,businesses in Hong Kong are grappling with a shortage of talent.While headlines over the last few years have focus

52、ed on the outflow of talent from Hong Kong,shortages in corporate functions appear to be heavily impacted by the lack of qualified staff given the specialist skills that are needed for roles in accounting and HR.Demand for accounting professionals has been particularly high.This is an area where ana

53、lytical skills are becoming increasingly important as the profession leverages accounting data on systems.A recent survey by the Hong Kong Association of Registered Public Interest Entity Auditors(PIEAA)found that there was a serious talent shortage in the accounting industry in Hong Kong,with a thi

54、rd of accounting firms currently lacking 20%of the needed manpower.10 With these market conditions in place,it is a candidate-driven market and professionals are selective about the sectors in which they are opting to work.For instance,the retail and food and beverage sectors are proving to be less

55、popular due to the perceived high workloads and lack of attractive packages.Due to the high demand for accounting and finance professionals,there is also a high turnover of junior to middle level candidates.Companies should note though that there is a 10-15%gap between the salary expectations of can

56、didates and the hiring budget.More senior candidates tend to have a more conservative approach towards their career and take into account factors such as stability and career opportunities when evaluating a potential move.Communication skills remain of paramount importance for HR professionals,but t

57、hey are also expected to have the skills to cope with increased digitalisation in the industry.For instance,as more companies are offering a hybrid work environment following the pandemic,HR system have increasingly become cloud and app-based and traditional on-premise processes are gradually being

58、phased out.11 Recruitment activity in the market for corporate professionals in 2023 was mainly driven by the search for replacements particularly since some positions have been terminated as a result of the pandemic or immigration.Activity is expected to pick up again from the second quarter of 202

59、4 once bonuses and incentives have been provided particularly among junior to middle level staff and in the accounting field.In terms of the creation of new roles,that will largely depend on whether the Hong Kong economy can post a stronger rebound in 2024.With competition for talent intense,compani

60、es are attempting to stand out by providing a clear career path and promotion opportunities.In the current climate,flexible working arrangements are also an important attraction for candidates as they consider their work-life balance.Over the year ahead,professionals switching jobs can expect a sala

61、ry increase of 15-25%.Internal promotions may garner increases of upwards of 10%.1516Corporate Professionals Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)FINANCEFinancial AccountingCFO12-15+1.2m2.5mRegional Head10-15+1.2m1.5mDirector/Department Head10-15+1.2m2mRegional Controller8-12+840k1mController8-12+700k900

62、kSenior Finance Manager10+700k900kManager5-10+500k650kAssistant Manager5-8420k500kAccountant3-8+330k400kAssistant Accountant3-5+230k300kAccounts Clerk0-3+200k260kAudit/Internal ControlHead of Audit10-15+1.2m2.2mInternal Audit Manager5-10+720k1mInternal Auditor3-5+420k500kSemi Auditor/Auditor1-5+200k

63、300kManagement Accounting and Planning&AnalysisHead of Planning&Analysis10+840k1mManager8-10+600k720kSenior Analyst5-8+455k480kAnalyst3-5+320k420kAnalyst(Data)0-2230k270kTreasuryHead of Treasury8-10+1m+Treasury Accountant3-8+550k650kTreasury Specialist3-8360k720k In Demand Role|Figures are base sala

64、ry not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)17Corporate Professionals Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)HR&ADMINISTRATIONHR GeneralistCHRO15-20+1.8m2.2mDirector/Department Head15-20+1.4m1.8mRegional Head15-20+1.5m2mRegional Manager10-12+780k840kSenior HR Business Partner10-12

65、+780k840kHR Business Partner5-8+400k720kSenior HR Manager10-15+780k975kManager5-10+480k780kAssistant Manager6-8+416k494kSenior HR Officer5-7+330k380kHR Generalist/Officer3-5250k300kHR Assistant0-3220k260kTalent Development/HR TransformationHead of Talent Development12-15+1.2m1.5mSM,Talent Developmen

66、t10-12+1m1.2mSM,Organization Development10-12+1m1.2mSM,Performance Management10-12+1m1.2mSM,HR Transformation10-12+1m1.2mSM,Digital HR solutions10-12+1m1.2mCompensation&BenefitsDirector/Division Head10-15+1m1.2mRegional Manager8-12+580k780kManager5-10+480k780kAssistant Manager5-8+390k480kExecutive/O

67、fficer3-5+299k377kTalent AcquisitionDirector/Division Head10-15+1m1.2mRegional Head10-12+1m1.2mRegional Manager8-12+580k780kManager5-10+480k780kAssistant Manager5-8390k480kExecutive/Officer3-5+299k377k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENC

68、E(YEARS)18Corporate Professionals Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)HR&ADMINISTRATIONLearning&DevelopmentDirector/Division Head12-15+1m1.2mRegional Head10-12+1m1.2mRegional Manager10-12+580k780kManager10-12+480k780kAssistant Manager5-8390k480kExecutive/Officer10-12+299k377kBusiness SupportOffice Manag

69、er6-10+325k585kPersonal Assistant5-10+360k600k+Secretary 3-8+280k500k+Administrative Manager6-10390k480kAssistant Manager5-8325k400kAdministrative Officer4-8250k320kAdministrative Assistant0-3208k260kReceptionist0-5208k335kLEGALLawyer(Qualified Solicitors Only)General Counsel12-15+1.44m2.4mIn-House

70、Counsel10-12+1.2m2.4mIn-House Counsel10-12+840k1.32mChief Privacy Officer10-12+720k840kHead of Legal&Compliance10-12+960k1.5mParalegalParalegal10-15+1.1m+Paralegal8-15+580k1.1mParalegal4-7420k680kParalegal1-3180k500kCompany SecretaryNamed Company Secretary5+1.2m+Company Secretary5+520k910kCompany Se

71、cretarial Assistant1-3286k390k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)19EngineeringHong Kongs manufacturing industry has experienced a mixed 2023.While the purchasing managers index(PMI)showed expansion of business activity in the se

72、ctor in the first half of the year,as the city re-opened after several years of pandemic-related restrictions,the sector has since faced headwinds from the slow post-pandemic recovery of the mainland China economy as well as the more challenging global macro-economic environment.12 Hong Kong has a l

73、ong-standing tradition of manufacturing,but over the last decade the territory has been transforming itself into a knowledge-based economy.The Industry 4.0 concept is central to this transformation and is expected to remain an important driver of the sector over the coming years.Industry 4.0 is abou

74、t using digital technology to change how manufacturing systems are developed,operated and maintained.Technologies in areas such as smart manufacturing and automation are expected to have a profound impact on the sector.13Industrialisation is also a major focus of government support.In his policy add

75、ress in October 2023,Chief Executive John Lee allocated HK$10 billion to launch the New Industrialisation Acceleration Scheme.This programme is meant to promote re-industrialisation,provide strategic support to enterprises to develop their business,assist the manufacturing sector and the wider start

76、-up ecosystem.14 Businesses in areas as diverse as artificial intelligence,life sciences and data science are expected to benefit,resulting in a boon to professionals employed in these fields.Another key trend that the industry needs to have on its radar is the growing convergence between technology

77、 and the engineering.Traditional engineering functions are increasingly digitalised or augmented by technology to gain efficiencies and higher levels of precision,as well as ease of management.In this context,the ability to adapt to new technologies and ways of working will prove to be critical for

78、professionals looking to thrive in the industry over the next five to 10 years.Overall demand for professionals employed in the industrial engineering market has remained steady.However,professionals in the technology-related engineering sector have been highly sought after this covering areas such

79、as technology facilities engineering,semi-conductor manufacturing and R&D.Talent shortages are particularly acute for electrical and mechanical engineers,which can be linked back to surging market demand for critical facilities management,to protect critical infrastructure such as data centres,commu

80、nications systems and hospitals.In these high growth areas,demand for professionals is expected to remain firm going forward not least due to the aforementioned government support resulting in intense competition among companies for the right talent.To stand out from the competition,companies are lo

81、oking to attract candidates by projecting a clear vision of the direction they are heading.Meanwhile employers involved in advanced engineering and the technology sector benefit from being seen as operating in desirable growth markets by candidates.Taking into account the current market environment,

82、candidates in the traditional engineering field can expect a salary increase of 10-15%when switching to a new company.For in-demand areas such as technology-related roles and electrical and mechanical engineers,professionals will be looking for salary increases of 15-20%when taking on a new opportun

83、ity.20 21EngineeringRange of Annual Base Salary(HKD)INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURINGQCQuality Director10+600kQuality Manager8+480k600kSenior Quality Engineer5-8360k540kQuality Engineer2-5264k360kProject ManagementProject Director12+1mProject Manager5+540k720k+Project Engineer2-8264k720k+Environment and Safe

84、ty Manager8+600k+Environmental and Safety Supervisor4-6+360k600k+Environmental and Safety Officer2-4240k360kMechanical&Electrical EngineeringPrincipal Mechanical Engineer8+720kSenior Mechanical Engineer5-8360k540k+Mechanical Engineer2-5264k360kPrincipal Electrical Engineer8+720k+Senior Electrical En

85、gineer5-8360k540k+Electrical Engineer2-5264k360kHVAC EngineeringHVAC Engineer3-8+280k480k+HVAC Technician1-5240k360kFacilities&OperationsFacilties Manager8+600k+Facilities Engineer3-8360k600kFacilities Technician1-5300k420kSemiconductorsIC Design3-8+480k1m+IC Verification3-8+360k720kMechanical Engin

86、eer-Semiconductor Manufacturing3-8+360k720kProduction/ManufacturingManufacturing Director15+840k1.5mManufacturing Manager8-15480k840kManufacturing Engineer3-8240k480kManufacturing Assistant1-3180k336k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE

87、(YEARS)22FMCG,Retail and LuxuryHong Kongs retail sector is on the road to recovery following a challenging period when consumer spending was impacted severely by restrictions imposed by the pandemic.In 2023,the Hong Kong SAR Government took several initiatives to stimulate consumer activity and attr

88、act tourists,including promotional campaigns such as Happy Hong Kong and Hello Hong Kong.15 The success of these campaigns has been mixed,however,with visitor numbers yet to recover to pre-pandemic numbers.While retail sales increased by 18.6%year-on-year in the first nine months of 2023,spending is

89、 still considerably lower than what was achieved prior to COVID-19.16The luxury market in particular has undergone a structural shift in recent years.During the pandemic,visitors from mainland China a key demographic for luxury brands in Hong Kong redirected their spending to domestic locations such

90、 as the duty-free island of Hainan.17 Despite Hong Kongs reopening in 2023,luxury spending from mainland China visitors has not experienced a significant rebound.To a lesser extent,this trend has also impacted mass-market brands.The FMCG market has remained relatively robust.This has been driven in

91、changes in lifestyles as a result of the pandemic,with at-home consumption of FMCG products having increased because of work-from-home arrangements and reduced eating-out.18The pandemic saw many brands embrace the online channel and ecommerce sales in Hong Kong surged.The shift from bricks-and-morta

92、r to online has been permanent and in consumer-focused industries there remains a strong demand for professionals working in ecommerce,digital marketing and social media platforms.With online sales forecast to rise by 10%on an annual basis over the coming years19,these areas will continue to be a re

93、cruitment focus for companies over the next five years.The shift towards digital channels has resulted in increased demand for digital marketing specialists and ecommerce sales manager roles.However,the flip side has also been that some retailers have been reducing their store network as a greater s

94、hare of sales are now generated online.As a result,sales director and manager roles have been in decline.A related trend has been that retailers and brands have been reducing their regional HQ presence in Hong Kong,and in some instances transferring these roles to Singapore.20However,when it comes t

95、o in-demand roles,for instance in digital marketing,companies have to contend with a shortage of talent.Many retailers and FMCG have been looking to increase their digital talent in recent years,however supply of candidates that gained valuable experience during the online boom in the pandemic years

96、 is in short supply.Employers are looking to stand out in the market through their flexible work arrangements,guaranteed commissions and annual leave policy(particularly for frontline sales staff).Retention and talent development strategies have also come to the fore,for instance by offering job rot

97、ations within a company or by transferring skillsets to other positions in the business.The outlook for recruitment in the consumer and retail markets in 2024 will depend on Hong Kongs economic performance and a more significant upturn in overseas visitors to the territory.Salary increases for candi

98、dates in the retail industry can range from 4-10%,while those undertaking a job move can expect 10-20%.In the consumer market,salary increments are generally around 10-15%,but can exceed 20%for in-demand roles in areas such as digital marketing or social media.2324FMCG,Retail&LuxuryRange of Annual B

99、ase Salary(HKD)EXECUTIVEExecutiveManaging Director15+1.8m+CEO/COO15+1.5m+GM15+1.5m+Brand GM15+1.2m+FMCG-FOOD&BEVERAGERegional SalesAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+850k1.5m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+600k800kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+400k600kNational/Country SalesAssociate Dire

100、ctor/Director/Head of a Division15+1m3m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+800k1mGeneral Trade&Special ChannelAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+800k1.5m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k800kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k500kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k300kBrand MarketingAssociate D

101、irector/Director/Head of a Division15+900k1.8m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k900kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k500kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k300kTrade MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+750k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+480k750kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+3

102、60k480kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k300kEcommerce MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+800k1.5m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+400k800kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+250k400kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k250kDigital MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division

103、15+800k1.5m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+400k800kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+250k400kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k250k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)25FMCG,Retail&LuxuryRange of Annual Base Salary(HKD)FMCG-FOOD&BEVER

104、AGEConsumer InsightsAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+800k1.3m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+450k700kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+320k400kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+220k320kFMCG-HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTSRegional Sales Associate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+900k1.5m+Manager-Seni

105、or Manager8-10+500k900kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k500kCountry/Commercial Sales Associate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+1m1.5m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k1mSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k500kKey Account/Wholesale/Key Account ManagementAssociate Director/Director/Head of a D

106、ivision15+800k1.2m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k800kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k450kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k300kRegional MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+800k1.2m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k800kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+350k500kAssistant/Office

107、r/Executive1-3+200k350kBrand MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+800k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k800kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+350k500kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k350kTrade/Retail MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+750k900k+Manager-Seni

108、or Manager8-10+500k750kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k450kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k300kEcommerce Marketing/OperationsAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+750k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+550k750kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+350k500kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k35

109、0k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)26FMCG,Retail&LuxuryRange of Annual Base Salary(HKD)FMCG-HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTSDigital MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+700k1.2m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+550k700kSuperv

110、isor-Assistant Manager3-6+420k500kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k400kCRMAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+850k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k850kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k480kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k300kFMCG-PERSONAL CARE/COSMETICSSales/Business Development

111、 Associate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+600k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+400k600kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k400kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k300kKey Account/Distributor ManagementAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+600k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+480k600kSupe

112、rvisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k450kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k250kRegional MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+700k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k700k Supervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+350k480kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k250kBrand MarketingAssociate Director/Di

113、rector/Head of a Division15+750k1.1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k750kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+350k450kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k280kTrade/Retail MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+800k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k800kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+400k

114、450kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k280k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)27FMCG,Retail&LuxuryRange of Annual Base Salary(HKD)FMCG-PERSONAL CARE/COSMETICSEcommerce Marketing/OperationsAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Di

115、vision15+800k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k800kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+400k450kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k300kDigital MarketingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+750k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+450k750kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+350k450kAssistant/Officer/Exec

116、utive1-3+200k250kCRMAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+850k1.2m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k850kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k450kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k250kRETAIL-LUXURY RETAILRetail/Retail Operation Associate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+960k1.08mManage

117、r-Senior Manager8-10+540k900kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+340k480kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k330kBuying/Allocation/PlannerAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+900k1.08mManager-Senior Manager8-10+600k900kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+340k540kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240

118、k300kWholesale/Business DevelopmentAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+960k1.2mManager-Senior Manager8-10+600k900kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+340k540kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k340kMarketing/Public RelationsAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+840k1.08mManager-Se

119、nior Manager8-10+540k840kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+360k510kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k360k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)28FMCG,Retail&LuxuryRange of Annual Base Salary(HKD)RETAIL-LUXURY RETAILVisual Merchandis

120、ingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+840k1.08mManager-Senior Manager8-10+480k720kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+330k420kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k310kLogisticAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+840k1.08mManager-Senior Manager8-10+600k840kSupervisor-Assistant Man

121、ager3-6+330k480kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k330kFrontline/Store level*Average take home(Basic salary+allowance+commission)Associate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+840k1.08mManager-Senior Manager8-10+540k780kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+270k540kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k400

122、kRETAIL-FASHION RETAIL/MASS RETAILRetail/Retail OperationAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+780k1.02mManager-Senior Manager8-10+460k780kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+330k420kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k300kBuying/Allocation/PlannerAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division

123、15+840k1.02mManager-Senior Manager8-10+480k840kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k480kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k300kWholesale/Business DevelopmentAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+840k1.08mManager-Senior Manager8-10+500k840kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+340k480kAssistant/O

124、fficer/Executive1-3+240k340kMarketing/Public RelationsAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+840k1.02mManager-Senior Manager8-10+500k780kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+330k480kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k330k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident

125、Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)29FMCG,Retail&LuxuryRange of Annual Base Salary(HKD)RETAIL-FASHION RETAIL/MASS RETAILVisual MerchandisingAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+780k960kManager-Senior Manager8-10+440k660kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k420kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3

126、+240k290kLogisticAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+780k960kManager-Senior Manager8-10+480k720kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+330k420kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k280kFashion DesignerAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+780k1.08mManager-Senior Manager8-10+460k720kSup

127、ervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+330k420kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k310kMerchandiser/ProductionAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+780k900k+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+480k720kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+330k420kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k300kFrontline/Store level*Average

128、 take home(Basic salary+allowance+commission)Associate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+540k720k+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+360k480kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+270k400kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+240k340kRETAIL-E-COMMERCE&DIGITALEcommerce SpecialistAssociate Director/Director/Head of a

129、Division15+700k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+400k700kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k360kUX/UI DesignerAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+900k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+800k900kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+400k540kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+200k300kSocial MediaAssociate D

130、irector/Director/Head of a Division15+750k1m+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+450k750kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k450kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+210k300k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)30FMCG,Retail&LuxuryRange of Annua

131、l Base Salary(HKD)RETAIL-E-COMMERCE&DIGITALContent ManagementAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+750k900k+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+500k750kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+300k500kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+210k300kAnalyst&IntelligenceAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division1

132、5+600k900k+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+450k600kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+350k450kAssistant/Officer/Executive1-3+210k300kStrategy&PlanningAssociate Director/Director/Head of a Division15+600k800k+Manager-Senior Manager8-10+400k600kSupervisor-Assistant Manager3-6+280k400kAssistant/Officer/Executi

133、ve1-3+210k280k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)31InsuranceThe insurance industry in Hong Kong has experienced a few challenging years mainly as a result of the pandemic.This has resulted in increased interest in healthcare,but

134、 the flipside is that it has also impacted the ability of agents to sell insurance to visitors from mainland China.While gross insurance premiums dipped by 1.4%in the first six months of 2023,there has been a resurgence in life insurance sales to mainland Chinese residents which have recovered to pr

135、e-pandemic levels.21In addition to the recovery in the mainland China business,insurance companies are increasingly targeting growth in emerging markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.This is particularly interesting for the leading insurance players in Hong Kong many of which are large globa

136、l insurance companies.22 This is resulting in increased demand for talent with expertise in these overseas markets.In Hong Kong itself,competition has been shaken up over the last few years by the arrival of virtual insurers,both in life and non-life insurance.These challengers sell insurance polici

137、es over the internet,with the pandemic having resulted in major shift to online distribution channels.In response,mainstream insurers have also started adopting digital channels23,with digital marketing talent now highly sought after.In general,digital transformation has continued in the industry.In

138、surers are building digital ecosystems,boosting their customer analytics capabilities,offering more personalisation to customers and building products and services for the digital age.24 Insurtech which is designed to decrease costs and improve operational efficiencies is also becoming increasingly

139、important.As a result of these trends,companies are looking to hire professionals with skills in data analytics,artificial intelligence,blockchain and cyber security.The ability to adapt to new technologies and leverage them to drive business growth will be crucial for success in the insurance indus

140、try.The regulatory landscape is also constantly evolving.For instance,a new a risk-based capital regime will become active at the start of 2024,which is meant to protect insurers from uncertain market conditions.This is requiring substantial transformation as insurers prepare to meet these new regul

141、ations.25 As a result of the many regulatory changes,there is strong demand for professionals in risk management and compliance,with in-demand roles including risk managers,compliance officers and actuaries.With Hong Kong facing a tight employment market and talent shortages,employers are using a va

142、riety of tactics to stand out among their peers.There is an increased focus on employee wellness and work-life balance as insurers are keen to meet candidates expectations around flexible working arrangements.Additionally,diversity and inclusion has become a recent focus,with companies seeking to at

143、tract candidates with a variety of backgrounds.Insurers are also increasingly partnering with higher educational institutions to offer insurance-specific training programmes for students keen to pursue a career in the industry which has also become a key pipeline for talent that has the skills and k

144、nowledge to succeed in their roles.Recruitment activity in the market in 2023 was slightly more active than in previous year as normal life resumed in Hong Kong following the pandemic.With the city back in business,a number of companies have re-opened roles that had been put on hold and are creating

145、 positions which will 32enable them to adapt to changing market conditions.Looking ahead to 2024,we would expect the upward trend in hiring to continue.Salary increases in the industry are dependent on a variety of factors,including seniority,experience and location.Generally speaking,candidates loo

146、king to pursue a job opportunity with a new company can expect to see increases of around 15%,while internal promotions can command a 5-10%uplift in pay.However,it is important to stress that candidates are taking the overall package into consideration,so employers must ensure their benefits,health

147、insurance,retirement contributions and work-life balance are competitive.33InsuranceRange of Annual Base Salary(HKD)DISTRIBUTIONBancassurance PartnershipHead15+1.2m2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15800k1.2mAssT.Manager-Manager5-9360k800kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4220k360kAgencyHead15+1m1.6m+Senior

148、 Manager-Senior Director10-15700k1mAssT.Manager-Manager5-9300k700kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4200k300kAlternate DistributionHead15+960k1.2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15700k960k+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9400k600kACTUARIALActuaryHead15+1.4m2.8m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15900k1.4mAssT.Manager-

149、Manager5-9520k900kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4240k520kProduct DevelopmentHead15+1.7m2.2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15720k1.7mAssT.Manager-Manager5-9460k720kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4240k460kAuditHead15+1.8m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15780k1.8mAssT.Manager-Manager5-9480k780kOfficer-Senior A

150、nalyst0-4300k480kSTRATEGICStrategyHead15+1.7m2.2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15800k1.7mAssT.Manager-Manager5-9540k800kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4280k540k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)34InsuranceRange of Annual Base Sala

151、ry(HKD)ACCOUNTING&FINANCEGeneralistHead15+1.5m2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15800k1.3m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9400k900kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4180k300kFinancial ReportingHead15+1.5m2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15840k1.5m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9456k780kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4180k420kMa

152、nagement ReportingHead15+1.6m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15840k1.6m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9456k720kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4192k456kFinance OperationHead15+1m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15720k1m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9420k660kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4180k360kAuditingHead15+1m2m+Senior Ma

153、nager-Senior Director10-15700k1.2m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9660k840kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4216k420kGOVERNANCEComplianceHead15+1.2m2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15900k1.2m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9400k700kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4300k400kLegalHead15+1.2m2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15840k1

154、.2m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9480k840kRiskHead15+1.4m2.4m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15840k1.4m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9450k840kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4450k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)35InsuranceRange of Annual Base Sa

155、lary(HKD)OPERATIONSCustomer Service/Customer ExperienceHead15+960k1.2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15660k960k+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9360k660kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4200k360kPolicy AdministrationHead15+960k1.1m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15660k960k+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9360k540kOfficer-S

156、enior Analyst0-4190k280kUnderwritingHead15+840k1.8m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15600k840k+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9420k600kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4240k420kClaimsHead15+1.2m1.4m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15780k1.2m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9420k600kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4216k420kHUMAN RESO

157、URCESGeneralistHead15+1.2m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15700k1.2m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9400k900kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4200k400kCompensation&BenefitsHead15+1.4m+Senior Manager-Senior Director10-15800k1.4m+AssT.Manager-Manager5-9300k800kOfficer-Senior Analyst0-4200k300k In Demand Role|Figures

158、are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)36Real Estate&Construction Hong Kongs residential real estate market has cooled in recent years.While there was a brief upturn in property prices following Hong Kongs reopening from the pandemic in early 2023,this was

159、 not sustained as the year progressed and the market has been impacted by rising interest rates.26 The Hong Kong SAR Government has stepped in to help revive the market through the halving of the stamp duty for residents that are non-first time buyers and non-permanent residents to 7.5%.27 Condition

160、s in the luxury market have fared similarly,with the market awaiting the return of investors and affluent buyers from mainland China,who have also been affected by higher borrowing costs and economic uncertainty.28 Meanwhile,the fortunes of the commercial property market are unlikely to revive in th

161、e short-term due to higher interest rates and less demand as companies are downsizing their office space in response to increased work from home.29Activity in the construction industry has picked up greatly as Hong Kong has emerged from the pandemic.This is partly due to various government initiativ

162、es to address the shortage of housing in Hong Kong,including the development of 30,000 light public housing units by 2027.30 In addition,the development of the Northern Metropolis project along the border with mainland China,which is will house 2.5 million people,is expected to have a major impact o

163、n alleviating housing shortage.31Talent shortage is a genuine concern in the construction industry,particularly since nearly half of all registered workers in Hong Kong(45.6%)are aged 50 or above according to statistics from the Construction Industry Council.This means that a large number of experie

164、nced professionals will be retiring and leaving the industry,with the influx of younger workers unable to compensate.A challenge in finding qualified staff is that the required skillsets are changing.The construction industry is placing a growing emphasis on ESG and sustainable practices,requiring k

165、nowledge about green building certifications,carbon reduction strategies and impact reporting.In addition,the use of technology is becoming widespread,resulting in demand for staff that are able to deal with systems such as building information modelling(BIM)and proptech that is transforming transac

166、tions in the real estate industry.In addition to plans to boost supply of residential units,the Hong Kong Government is investing greatly in the innovation and technology sector,resulting in the construction of data centres and facilities in areas such as life sciences and healthcare.Professionals l

167、ooking to seize on these opportunities will benefit greatly from having cross-sector experience.Professionals in the construction and real estate industry can expect salary increases of 8-15%when changing employers,although experienced professionals and those taking on more senior roles could antici

168、pate a rise of as much as 15-25%.Companies are looking to attract talent through a greater emphasis on wellness,work-life balance and soft skills such as flexibility and life-long learning.Professionals that are promoted to the mid-level at their companies generally receive salary increases in the 1

169、0-15%range,while those becoming directors could see as much as 12-20%.Increases are yet higher for those moving into the executive ranks(e.g.VP or C-suite).3738Real Estate&Construction Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)REAL ESTATEProperty ManagementGeneral Manager/Director15-301.5m2m+Head of Project P

170、roperty Management12-15+900k1.5mSenior Manager10-12+660k900kManager6-10480k660kSenior Officer2-5+300k480kProject ManagementProject Director18-301.8m2.8m+Senior Project Manager12-15+1m1.5m+Project Manager10-15720k1m+Assistant Project Manager7-10480k720kFacilities ManagementFacilities Director15-301.2

171、m1.5m+Facilities Manager10-15+600k960kAssistant Facilities Manager5-10420k600kMall ManagementMall General Manager15-301.2m1.8m+Centre Manager-Retail10-20600k960kOperations Manager5-8+360k600kLeasingLeasing Director18-301m1.4m+Senior Leasing Manger10-20720k960k+Leasing Manager5-10540k750kAssistant Le

172、asing Manager5-8420k540kAsset ManagementAsset Director15-301.2m2m+Senior Asset Manager10-15750k1.2mAsset Manager6-10540k750kAssistant Asset Manager3-6420k540kValuation&InvestmentManaging Director15-302m2.8m+Property Investment Director12-15+1.5m+2m+Property Investment VP10-12+950k1.5mProperty Invest

173、ment Manager6-10580k950kProperty Investment Analyst3-5+360k580kProperty DevelopmentDirector18-301.5m2.5m+Senior Surveyor/Manager10-15+800k1.5m+Surveyor/Assistant Manager5-10540k800kAssistant Surveyor2-5300k540k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMIN

174、EXPERIENCE(YEARS)39Real Estate&Construction Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)REAL ESTATEMarketing&PromotionDirector/General Manager15-301.2m2mSenior Manager10-18600k1mManager6-10480k660kAssistant Manager5-8360k480kProperty SalesDirector/General Manager18-301.2m2m+Senior Manager10-18600k960k+Manager6-

175、10480k660kAssistant Manager5-8360k480kReal Estate Fund AccountingCFO/Financial Controller15-302m2.8m+Director12-181.4m2mAssistant VP/VP10-15900k1.4mManager6-12580k900kAssociate3-5360k580kCONSTRUCTIONMechanical&Electrical Engineering(E&M)-Consultancy and ContractorProject Director 18-301.8m2.2m+Senio

176、r Project Manager12-15+1m1.32mProject Manager8-12780k960kEngineering Manager8-12780k960kSenior Engineer(Registered)5-8420k600kEngineer(Registered)3-5360k480kCivil&Structural Engineering-Consultancy and ContractorProject Director18-301.5m2.2m+Senior Project Manager 12-15+1.2m1.44mProject Manager8-127

177、80k960kEngineering Manager8-12780k960kSenior Engineer(Registered)5-8480k660kEngineer(Registered)3-5420k540k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)40Real Estate&Construction Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)CONSTRUCTIONSurveying-Consu

178、ltancy and ContractorHead of Commercial 13-301.44m1.8mContract Director 12-15+1.2m1.44mSenior Associate(Registered)10-12780k900kAssociate(Registered)8-12660k720kQuantity Surveying Manager 8-12780k900kSenior Quantity Surveyor(Registered)6-8480k660kQuantity Surveyor(Registered)3-5360k468kArchitecture

179、and Design-ConsultancyDirector 15-301.2m2m+Senior Associate(Registered)8-15840k1.2mAssociate(Registered)8-12720k780kSenior Architect(Registered)5-8660k720kSenior Architectural Designer5-8480k600kArchitect(Registered)3-5540k660kArchitectural Designer 3-5420k540kSenior Interior Designer 5-8420k600kInt

180、erior Designer 3-5300k420k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)41StaffingCompanies in Hong Kong have become more agile over the past few years,resulting in high demand for temporary and contract workers.Employing professionals und

181、er such contracts allowed businesses to weather the uncertainty caused by the pandemic,while more recently it has become a key tactic to quickly plug talent gaps.ITDemand for information technology and communications professionals remains high as digital transformation continues apace across Hong Ko

182、ng.Concerns over data privacy and cybersecurity are a key theme and as a consequence cybersecurity specialists are highly sought after.In addition,the application of artificial intelligence has taken off in the past year,leading to high demand for AI engineers.As seen in many other industries in Hon

183、g Kong,companies are having to contend with a shortage in talent not least due to the outflow of professionals from Hong Kong in recent years.The contraction in talent has been particularly pressing for data scientists,cloud engineers and full stack developers.Professionals looking to stay relevant

184、in the fast-changing IT market should ensure they have experience with platforms such as Amazon Web Services and OpenShift,in addition to knowledge of cybersecurity,AI and machine learning.In this competitive market,employers are looking to stand out through an attractive employer value proposition.

185、As ever,a competitive salary is key and companies are actively reviewing the market to ensure they can retain and attract talent.However,it also important to offer flexible work arrangements,while some companies are also offering relocation opportunities if applicable.To combat shortages in the loca

186、l market,overseas hiring is also under consideration.Hiring activity slowed in 2023 due to the more challenging macro-economic environment,with some companies implementing hiring freezes or relocating development teams to overseas locations.However,demand for IT professionals has started to pick up

187、again heading into 2024 and the outlook is positive.Professionals switching jobs to a new employer can expect a salary increase of 20-25%,while internal promotions should be offered increases of at least 10-15%if retention is to succeed.Banking and financial servicesThe banking and financial service

188、s industry is facing a shortage in talent as a result of a rebound in the economy following the citys reopening as well as the migration of talent during the pandemic.32 When it comes to temporary and contract staff,shortages are particularly severe in middle management roles in areas including cust

189、omer services,wealth management and investment banking.In this tight market,companies are differentiating themselves by putting a large emphasis on their wellness benefits and offering a work-life balance.Candidates are particularly attracted to flexible work arrangements(e.g.working remotely for tw

190、o days a week),but wellness benefits(such as wellness programmes and mental health support)are also increasingly being offered.Meanwhile,work-life balance initiatives in some instances may include unlimited annual leave or four-day working weeks.Candidates looking to future-proof their careers in th

191、is industry should consider gaining experience in project management,big data and artificial intelligence,while leadership skills also remain important.Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the day-to-day operations of financial institutions,with candidates having a preference for

192、companies that have invested in the digital tools to make their business run smoothly.Recruitment activity cooled slightly during 2023,with some companies opting not to make replacement hires for staff that had left.In addition,redundancies and company restructures had increased.With cost efficienci

193、es being sought,demand for junior level staff was more robust when compared to mid-level roles.Despite this,candidates are still 42able to command pay rises of 20-30%when switching to a new company,while internal promotions can expect increments of 15-20%.Commercial staffing The recruitment market f

194、or temporary or contract workers in commercial staffing has been active.As digitisation continues to be a key priority,employers are looking for candidates with IT skills and familiarity with platforms such as Salesforce,SAP and Oracle.Demand has been high for junior to mid-level professionals,where

195、 talent shortages have been the most acute.This is particularly the case for sales and marketing functions.It is expected that activity in the market will pick up in 2024 as the governments Top Talent Pass Scheme gains traction,with over 60,000 visas having been approved by July 2023.33In this segme

196、nt of the market,employers looking to attract the talent they need are focusing on offering flexible working arrangements,such as work from home or a non-fixed working schedule.However,remuneration remains a key motivation for candidates,with those switching jobs to a new company generally able to c

197、ommand a salary increase of 20-25%,while internal promotions can result in increases of 10-15%.43StaffingRange of Monthly Base Salary(HKD)COMMERCIAL STAFFINGAccounting&FinanceFinancial&Regulatory Reporting8+70k100kFinancial&Regulatory Reporting5-850k70kFinancial&Regulatory Reporting1-428k45kProduct

198、Control&Valuation8+75k100kProduct Control&Valuation5-850k75kProduct Control&Valuation1-428k45kFinancial Controller8+85k120kFinancial Controller5-865k85kFinancial Controller1-435k60kGovernanceCompliance-AML/Surveillance8+80k100kCompliance-AML/Surveillance5-845k80kCompliance-AML/Surveillance1-425k45kC

199、ompliance and Control Analyst8+80k100kCompliance and Control Analyst5-845k80kCompliance and Control Analyst1-425k45kBusiness OperationsClient Servicing8+65k90kClient Servicing5-840k65kClient Servicing1-420k40kKYC/Client Onboarding8+70k100kKYC/Client Onboarding5-840k70kKYC/Client Onboarding1-420k40kT

200、rade Support&Settlement8+50k75kTrade Support&Settlement5-835k50kTrade Support&Settlement1-420k35kSettlement8+50k75kSettlement5-835k50kSettlement1-420k35kAdministrator8+50k75kAdministrator5-835k50kAdministrator1-420k35k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF

201、).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)44StaffingRange of Monthly Base Salary(HKD)COMMERCIAL STAFFINGBusiness OperationsBusiness Specialist8+50k75kBusiness Specialist5-835k50kBusiness Specialist1-420k35kProcurement8+50k75kProcurement5-835k50kProcurement1-420k35kProjectsBusiness Analyst8+65k90kBusiness Analyst5-84

202、0k65kBusiness Analyst1-420k40kProject Manager(CRM)8+65k90kProject Manager(CRM)5-840k65kProject Manager(CRM)1-420k40kMall ManagementOperational Risk8+70k90kOperational Risk5-845k70kOperational Risk1-420k45kProject Manager(CRM)8+65k90kProject Manager(CRM)5-840k65kProject Manager(CRM)1-420k40kCOMMERCIA

203、L STAFFING-CORPORATE PROFESSIONALSFinancial AccountingController8-12+80k+Senior Finance Manager10+70k+Finance Manager5-10+50k+Accounting Manager/Accountant3-5+40k65kAssistant Accountant3-5+28k35k+Accounts Clerk3-5+20k28kAudit/Internal ControlInternal Audit Manager5-10+80k+Internal Auditor3-5+45k60kP

204、roperty InvestmentSenior Analyst15+50k70kAnalyst12-15+30k50kAnalyst(Data)10-12+25k30kTreasuryTreasury Specialist15+40k80k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)45StaffingRange of Monthly Base Salary(HKD)COMMERCIAL STAFFING-HR&ADMINI

205、STRATIONHR GeneralistSenior HR Business Partner10-12+70k+HR Business Partner5-8+50k65kSenior HR Manager15+65k+Manager5-10+45k65kAssistant Manager6-8+35k45kSenior HR Officer5-7+30k35kHR Generalist/Officer3-525k30kHR Assistant1-317k25kCompensation&BenefitsSenior Analyst15+45k65kSenior Analyst3-525k35k

206、Talent AcquisitionManager15+45k65kExecutive/Officer3-525k30kLearning&DevelopmentManager15+45k65kExecutive/Officer3-525k35kBusiness SupportOffice Manager6-10+40k70kOffice Manager3-530k40kPersonal Assistant6-10+35k55kPersonal Assistant3-525k30kExecutive Secretary6-10+35k55kExecutive Secretary3-525k35k

207、Secretary3-825k35kAdministrative Manager6-1035k60kAdministrative Officer4-825k35kAdministrative Assistant0-315k22kDriver3-825k38kReceptionist0-516k30kTea Lady0-115k20k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)46StaffingIT CONTRACTINGEx

208、ecutive/General Management(Banking)Service Delivery Manager10-15960k1.2mIT Manager8-12780k980kExecutive/General Management(Non-Banking)Service Delivery Manager10-151080k1.25mIT Manager8-12960k1.1mProject Management(Banking)Program Manager10-15820k1.1mProject Manager8-12820k1.1mBusiness Analyst8-1278

209、0k1.02mProject Management Officer8-12500k850kProject Analyst5-8420k680kSolution Architect8-12840k1.14mProject Management(Non-Banking)Program Manager10-15800k1mProject Manager8-121050k1.17mBusiness Analyst8-12780k1mProject Management Officer8-12500k850kProject Analyst5-8400k600kSolution Architect8-12

210、820k1.05mBlockchain(Banking)Solutions Architect10+900k1.4mBlockchain Developer3-5505k820kProject Manager10+820k1.05mBlockchain(Non-Banking)Solutions Architect10+900k1.4mBlockchain Developer3-5505k820kProject Manager10+820k1.05mSoftware/Application Development(Banking)Application Architect8+850k1.3mA

211、pplication Manager8-12800k1.1mSystem Analyst5-8800k960kAnalyst Programmer2-5500k800kProgrammer0-2300k480kApplication Support3-5360k690kTrade Floor Support3-5500k800k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YE

212、ARS)47StaffingIT CONTRACTINGSoftware/Application Development(Non-Banking)Application Architect8+950k1.25mApplication Manager8-12850k1.05mSystem Analyst5-8840k960kAnalyst Programmer2-5550k850kProgrammer0-2312k480kApplication Support3-5400k850kData Analysis(Banking)Data Architect10+750k1.35mSenior Dat

213、a Scientist8-10750k1.2mData Scientist5-8600k1.1mMachine Learning Specialist5-8750k1.05mMachine Learning Specialist3-5500k750kAI Specialist5-8850k950kAI Specialist3-5450k850kData Analysis(Non-Banking)Data Architect10+750k1.25mSenior Data Scientist8-10750k1.15mData Scientist5-8550k1mMachine Learning S

214、pecialist5-8750k950kMachine Learning Specialist3-5450k750kA.I.Specialist5-8800k950kA.I.Specialist3-5450k800kEcommerce/Mcommerce(Banking)Technical Manager8-12800k1.2mApplication Manager8-12650k1.05mCRM/Data Analyst5-8550k850kUX/UI Specialist5-8400k600kMobile Apps Architect8+600k950kMobile Apps Develo

215、per3-5650k950kMobile Apps Developer1-3350k700kGraphic Designer5-8220k450k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)48StaffingIT CONTRACTINGEcommerce/Mcommerce(Non-Banking)Technical Manager8-12800k1.05mAp

216、plication Manager8-12650k900kCRM/Data Analyst5-8550k800kUX/UI Specialist5-8400k550kMobile Apps Architect8+600k950kMobile Apps Developer3-5650k950kMobile Apps Developer1-3350k650kGraphic Designer5-8220k450k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Range of An

217、nual Base Salary(HKD)MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)49Supply Chain and LogisticsHong Kong has long-standing strengths in supply chain and logistics,playing not only a leading role in Asia-Pacific,but also globally.Hong Kong International Airport was named as the worlds busiest airport for cargo traffic in 2

218、02234,while the citys port is ranked among the top ten busiest in the world.35 As a result,there is a high concentration of supply chain and logistics talent based in Hong Kong.The supply chain and logistics industries are a cornerstone of the Hong Kong economy.Trade and logistics accounted for 19.8

219、%of Hong Kongs GDP in 2020,with logistics alone accounting for 3.2%.36 The city is strategically located in Asia-Pacific and plays a key role in connecting the manufacturing capabilities of mainland China to the rest of the world.The industry looks set to continue its strong track record now that pa

220、ndemic-related supply chain and logistics disruption has cleared and activities have returned to normal levels.In addition,the Hong Kong SAR Government has recently announced various initiatives to boost Hong Kongs supply chain and logistics capabilities.With 80%of the worlds merchandise still relyi

221、ng on sea transport,the government has announced tax concessions to attract more maritime enterprises to establish a presence in Hong Kong and is promoting the development of a smart port,to further increase efficiencies and reduce costs at Hong Kongs port.In aviation,the government is pressing ahea

222、d with the Airport City development strategy,to further boost Hong Kong International Airports role as a major driver of economic growth.37The Greater Bay Area initiative which connects Hong Kong with Macau and nine cities in mainland China also looks set to further solidify Hong Kongs role as a sup

223、er connector.The outline plan for the initiative states that Hong Kong should leverage its inherent advantages as a world-class port cluster and international maritime hub,in addition to its highly competitive position in aviation.38 To illustrate this,the Dongguan-Hong Kong International Airport Lo

224、gistics Park was opened in 2023,which is pioneering a sea-air intermodal cargo transhipment mode and further enhancing collaboration in the region.39The pandemic has led to lasting changes to consumer preferences and ecommerce has maintained its popularity.This has resulted in ecommerce continuing t

225、o be one of the major driving forces in the supply chain and logistics industry areas such as warehousing and deliveries come to mind.In addition,data analytics now plays a critical role in supply and demand forecasting,meaning that candidates with experience in areas such as intelligent warehousing

226、 and automated supply chains are highly sought after.Given Hong Kongs supply chain and logistics pedigree,the city boasts a large concentration of talent.Over the last year,the most in-demand areas for professionals have been in supply planning,client survey functions and warehousing.Professionals t

227、aking on a new role with a different company can expect a salary increase of 10-15%,while pay rises for internal promotions would be around 4-8%.Beyond a competitive salary,candidates also highly value a work-life balance,including being able to work from home,as well as predictable work hours.50 51

228、Supply Chain and LogisticsSUPPLY CHAINRegional Procurement Director12+1.5m+Procurement Director8-12+600k1.2mHead of Pre-Production10-151.05m1.44m+Factory General Manager10-15+1m1.44m+Head of Supply Chain10-15+1m1.44m+Supply Chain Director10-151m1.2mTrade Compliance Director8-10840k960k+Trade Complia

229、nce Manager5-8420k600kSupply Chain Manager5-8540k780kLogistics Manager5-8480k660kDistribution Manager5-8420k600kProcurement Manager5-8432k660kSupply Chain Supervisors3-5300k360kSupply Chain Officer1-2240k280kTHIRD PARTY LOGISTICSGeneral Manager12-15720k1.2m+Director Import/Export10-15+840k1.2m+Area

230、Sales Manager(Express)5-8400k600kBusiness Implementation Manager5-8520k585kSea/Air Sales Manager5-8390k520k+Sea/Air Operation Manager5-8480k720k+Warehouse Manager5-8390k540kTransportation Manager5-8264k540kField Sales Supervisors3-5253k370k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandat

231、ory Provident Fund(MPF).Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)52TechnologyDigital transformation in Hong Kongs economy has been progressing rapidly in recent years.The pandemic has been a key factor,driving an acceleration in the adoption of digital channels by consumers,while compa

232、nies have adjusted to work-from-home arrangements.In addition,businesses have turned to technology to address growing demand for convenience by their customers and achieve efficiencies within their operations.40Undoubtedly,the most high-profile technology trend over the last year has been artificial

233、 intelligence(AI).Within this,generative AI has been a key focus area,with companies looking to leverage this type of machine learning to create new content,such as text,images or music.41 Numerous use cases for the technology have already been found,for instance the use of chatbots for customer ser

234、vice or providing personalised recommendations when shopping online.Artificial intelligence is also increasingly deployed for tasks such as fraud detection,supply chain traceability and the processing of insurance claims.The technology is also firmly on the radar of the Hong Kong SAR Government,whic

235、h is currently conducting a feasibility study on the development of an AI supercomputing centre in Hong Kong.42Going forward,Web 3.0 is becoming the dominant theme in the development of the Internet.This new iteration of the World Wide Web leverages technologies such as blockchain,virtual assets and

236、 NFTs to create a decentralised internet.43 Similar to AI,the government is keen for Hong Kong to play a leading role in the development of Web 3.0.In late 2022,it unveiled a policy statement on the development of a vibrant sector and ecosystem for virtual assets,particularly to help maintain the ci

237、tys position as a leading international financial centre.44 While recruitment of technology professionals had been particularly active during the pandemic,hiring volumes were slightly reduced in 2023.Technology talent remains in high demand,but companies are taking a more considered approach to recr

238、uitment and focusing on precise and exact fits for their openings.There is a preference to hire candidates that can hit the ground running,rather than lesser qualified hires that may be able to grow and develop into a role.Talent shortages remain critical in the industry,particularly for professiona

239、ls skilled in software development,cloud technology,analytics and AI.In line with current trends in the sector,it is expected that AI and data will be key recruitment areas for companies over the next five years.To overcome recruitment challenges,employers are focusing on their employee value propos

240、ition by highlighting a clear path for career progression,but also aligning their work from home policies with current best practice in the industry.As ever,competitive salaries are a primary motivation when candidates assess a job opportunity,but candidates are now also taking the overall package i

241、nto account.Nevertheless,salary increases in the technology sector are amongst the highest in Hong Kong.Candidates taking on a new position with a different company can expect an increase of around 20%,but this could rise to 30%for certain in-demand areas.5354TechnologyEXECUTIVE/GENERAL MANAGEMENTCI

242、O/CTO15+1.8m+Head of IT(Regional)12-151.2m+Head of IT10-151m+Service Delivery Manager10-15650k900kIT Manager 8-12600k800kPROJECT MANAGEMENTProgram Manager10-15800k+Project Manager8-12600k850kBusiness Analyst5-12420k700kProject Management Officer5-8360k600kProject Analyst3-5264k336kSolution Architect

243、8-12720k+INFRASTRUCTURENetwork Specialist5-8540k800kNetwork Specialist3-5336k624kStorage Specialist5-8540k660kStorage Specialist3-5300k540kDatabase Administrator5-8480k660kDatabase Administrator3-5300k480kHelpdesk Specialist5-8384k576kHelpdesk Specialist3-5264k384kSystem Adminstrator5-8480k660kSyste

244、m Adminstrator3-5300k480kIT Audit/Security5-8720k1mIT Audit/Security3-5480k720kSOFTWARE/APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTApplication Architect8+720k1.2m+Application Manager8-12660k1.2m+Development Lead8+720k1.2m+System Analyst5-8600k900kAnalyst Programmer2-5360k600kProgrammer0-2240k360k In Demand Role|Figures

245、 are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)55TechnologySOFTWARE/APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTApplication Support3-5330k600kUX/UI Specialist5-8480k660kMobile Application Architect8+720k+Mobile Application Developer3-5480k660kMobile Ap

246、plication Developer1-3240k480kTrade Floor Support3-8480k840kDATA ANALYTICS/AIData Architect10+1.2m+Senior Data Scientist/Senior Machine Learning Specialist8-101.2m+Data Scientist/Machine Learning Specialist5-8600k1.2mMachine Learning Specialist5-8+720k+Senior Data Engineer5-8+720k+Data Engineer3-554

247、0k720k+AI Specialist5-8+720k+AI Specialist3-5540k720k+Senior Data Analyst5+480k600k Data Analyst3-5360k480kWEB3/BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGYSolutions Architect8+1.2m+Blockchain Developer3-5360k720kProject Manager6+720k+Web3 Application Development5+720k+Web3 Application Development3-5420k720kApplication Ec

248、osystem Management5+720k+CLOUD TECHNOLOGYSolution Architect8+720k1.2m+Solution Consultant3-5360k660kProduct Manager5-8600k900kInfrastructure Engineer5-7480k720k+In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)5

249、6TechnologySERVICE AND SOLUTION SALES(Basic Salary)Regional Sales Director15+1.5m+Sales Director12+1.2m+Business Development Manager(Regional)8+720k+Business Development Manager5+500k+Business Development Manager1-5240k500kSales Manager3360k+Sales Manager1-3240k360kSenior Account Manager1-3240k360kA

250、ccount Manager3-5360k500kAccount Manager1-3240k360kPRE-SALESRegional Solution Architect8+1m+Regional Consultant8+720k+Solution Architect 6+720k+Solution Consultant5500k+Solution Consultant3-5Up to 600kSolution Consultant1-3Up to 480kPRODUCT DEVELOPMENT/MANAGEMENTProduct Manager5-8480k+1m+Product Man

251、ager3-5360k600kProduct Analyst3-5360k600kProduct Engineer3-5+480k+Product Engineer1-3360k480kNETWORK AND SYSTEM ENGINEERINGNetwork/System8+540k+1m+Network/System5-8480k600kNetwork/System1-3240k480kDATA CENTREHead of Operations12+1.2m+Operations Manager5600k1m+Operations Engineer5480k+Operations Engi

252、neer1-5240k600k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)57TechnologyDATA CENTREProduct Manager5540k+Product Engineer5480k+Product Engineer1-5240k480kTELECOMMUNICATIONS/CONNECTIVITYService Delivery Manag

253、er5-10+576k840k+Core Network Engineer3-5+360k600k+Senior IP Network Engineer5-10+540k960kIP Network Engineer3-5360k540kWireless Engineer2-5240k540kCYBERSECURITYCISO151.5m+Head/Director121.2m+1.8m+Senior Manager8-15900k1.2mManager6-10700k900kAssistant Manager5-7500k700kSecurity Architect6+Security Sp

254、ecialist3-5480k720kSecurity Analyst1-3240k480kSYSTEM ENGINEERING/TECHNOLOGY R&DEmbedded Software5-8+480k840k+Embedded Software1-5240k480kFirmware Engineer5-8+480k840k+Firmware Engineer1-5240k480kOS/Kernel Engineer5-8+480k840k+OS/Kernel Engineer1-5240k480kHigh Performance Computing5-8+720k1m+In Deman

255、d Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)58TechnologyOTHERSTechnical Manager8-12840k1.2m+Application Manager8-12720k1mDirector of Loyalty8-121.2m+Loyalty Manager5-10720k900kCRM/Data Analyst5-8480k600kInformation

256、 Architect5-8720k+SEO/SEM5-8420k600kDigital Graphic Designer5-8360k+480k In Demand Role|Figures are base salary not including Mandatory Provident Fund(MPF).Range of Annual Base Salary(HKD)MAXMINEXPERIENCE(YEARS)59REFERENCES60ReferencesExecutive Overview 1 https:/www.censtatd.gov.hk/en/press_release_

257、detail.html?id=5288 2 https:/.hk/section-news/section/4/256823/Over-100,000-applications-approved-for-talent-admission-schemesBanking&Financial Services 3 https:/www.investhk.gov.hk/en/industries/financial-services.html 4 https:/.hk/breaking-news/section/2/200685/Hong-Kong-exchange-reports-IPO-droug

258、ht-in-2022-as-profits-slide 5 https:/ 6 https:/ 7 https:/www.fsdc.org.hk/media/fdsi0lso/20221222the-present-state-of-esg-in-hk_en.pdf 8 https:/www.hongkong-fintech.hk/en/insights/news/news-2023/fact-sheet-hong-kong-fintech-landscape/9 https:/ Professionals 10 https:/ https:/ 12 https:/ https:/ 14 ht

259、tps:/hongkongbusiness.hk/economy/news/govt-allocates-10b-new-industrialisation-scheme FMCG,Retail and Luxury 15 https:/www.marketing- 16 https:/www.censtatd.gov.hk/en/web_table.html?id=620-67001 17 https:/ 18 https:/ https:/ 20 https:/ 21 https:/ 22 https:/ 23 https:/ https:/ 25 https:/ 61Real Estat

260、e&Construction 26 https:/ 27 https:/ 28 https:/ 29 https:/ 30 https:/.hk/breaking-news/section/4/196061/(Policy-Address-2022)-30,000-new-light-public-housing-units-to-be-provided-in-next-five-years 31 https:/ 32 https:/.hk/breaking-news/section/4/206138/HK-talent-war-means-new-bank-hires-get-30pc-ju

261、mp-in-pay 33 https:/ Supply Chain and Logistics 34 https:/ 35 https:/ 36 https:/ 37 https:/www.budget.gov.hk/2023/eng/budget17.html 38 https:/www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202207/06/P2022070600183.htm 39 https:/gba.investhk.gov.hk/en/business-insights/rmb113-millions-goods-handled-first-100-days-opera

262、tion-dongguan-hong-kong.htmlTechnology 40 https:/ https:/ 42 https:/www.budget.gov.hk/2023/eng/hq.html 43 https:/ https:/gia.info.gov.hk/general/202210/31/P2022103000454_404805_1_.hk6/F,Tower 2,The Gateway,25 Canton Road,Tsim Sha Tsui,Kowloon,Hong KongTel:(852)2281 0000Fax:(852)2281 0099Email:info_2024 All Rights Reserved.



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