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Daxue Consulting:2023中国送礼习惯品牌指南(英文版)(45页).pdf

1、A brands guide to Chinese gifting habits2023 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVED2Chinese gifting habits1.04Chinese gifting platforms4.29How Chinese choose products2.11Special occasions for gifting3.21Case studies5.34CONTENTS OUTLINE 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDHighlights3Gift giving

2、 is becoming a daily habit,with Chinese people gifting more often and casually.Gifting is vital in strengthening roles within harmonious relationships.Health/wellness are rising in popularity as gift givers seek ways to support the wellbeing of others.Personalization/customization,interactive experi

3、ences,and an“expensive yet sophisticated”look can make products more appealing.Festive occasions,notably the Chinese New Year,let brands showcase their cultural understanding through gifts.0102030405Gift givers rely on social media as a source of gifting inspiration.06Chinese gifting habitsPhotos So

4、urces:Xiaohongshu users 向左向右户外 and 沿媛.2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThe role of gifting in modern Chinese cultureWhile gift-giving has long been prominent in China,it is becoming more frequent and casual compared to Western cultural practices.8.09.410.911.612.313.013.8201820192020202120222

5、023E2024EMarket size and forecast of Chinas gift economy from 2018 to 2024(in RMB trillion)Source:iiMedia Research Inc.When do Chinese people give gifts?5To communicate their social statusGifts may be given to another person in a different social position as a sign of respect and acknowledgement or

6、as a sign of power and status.To establish and maintain relationshipsMany people in China cultivate guanxi(关系),or social relationships,with family,friends,neighbors,and business partners,often through consecutive gift-giving.To and from travelMany Chinese travellers bring local Chinese specialties a

7、nd gifts-even if only small delicacies or trinkets-when traveling and bring foreign specialities back to China to share with family,friends and coworkers.To show gratitude and/or lovePeople show their appreciations and affection through gifts to homestay families,party hosts,and departing or reuniti

8、ng with friends.To mark special occasions During holidays special events like birthdaysMore different from the westMore similar to the west 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDPersonal relationshipsProfessionalSelfGifting reinforces roles in“harmonious”relationshipsPeople use gift-giving,an indi

9、rect form of communication,to not only strengthen their ties with their families but also with others like their teachers,bosses,and customers.Source:iiMedia Research Inc.59.4%46.7%36.0%27.6%24.4%22.1%16.8%2.4%1.5%ImmediateFamilyRomanticpartnerRelativesand friendsTeacherBossCustomerSelfOtherHave nev

10、erGift recipients in China(N=1,944,2021)GrandparentsGrandchildrenEmployersEmployeesMarriedUnmarriedParentsChildrenGiving and receiving red packetsInfluenced by Confucian values,social roles in China are well-defined,and gift giving follows these social roles.For instance,during Chinese New Year,pare

11、nts or grandparents give children hongbao,or red packets filled with money,but children rarely give hongbao to parents.Married people also give hongbao to unmarried people(with the exception of weddings),and employers to employees.6 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBusiness gift giving calls

12、demands premium packaging and customizationChinese professionals often give gifts to business partners,potential/existing clients,and employees.In many cases,although they do not express it,they expect to receive some kind of favor or gift in return.7Sources:Clifford Chance,T,and Liwushuo.Image Sour

13、ces:T,and Liwushuo.Giving culturally significant items is appreciatedTea holds significance in Chinese culture,and both Chinese and foreigners can exchange it to showcase their appreciation for the others culture.Shang Xia,a luxury fashion brand,offers a red gift box set with two teacups(for two peo

14、ple)and a container of tea,priced at RMB 680.Business gifts are carefully chosen,taking into account the recipients hierarchical position,cultural background,and the depth of the relationship.However,its not just the physical gift that matters;the deeper meaning or the purpose attached to it is of g

15、reat significance.Gifted products can often include logos from the company or from specific brandsBranded functional products are particularly popular.While high-quality gifts are preferable,the cost must be considered due to Chinas strict anti-bribery regulations and due to the recipient feeling bu

16、rden to reciprocate with a gift of equal or higher value.Companies may buy a customized product with special packaging in bulk to gift to clients.Packaging is more important in business giftsPackaging is even more important in the business setting than casual occasions.In some cases,gifts may even b

17、e wrapped in black for a more sophisticated look.Hongdians black Forest series black pen,priced at RMB 50,ranked first on Tmalls Business Art Pen Sales in March 2023.2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDHow customized gifts are a tool to strengthen relationships among ChineseYoung Chinese consume

18、rs are opting for personalized gifts,using DIY and customization to not only elevate the experience of the recipient but also the gift giver and their relationship,resulting in unique,creative,and romantic presents.8UniqueCreativeRomanticModifying or transforming existing products or ideas in a way

19、that generates new and fun experiencesCrafting products that are distinctly tailored to the recipient or the relationshipCustomizing products that capture the shared romantic experiencesSource:Xiaohongshu.2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDStaying within a certain budget is important for giftsW

20、hen looking for gifts on social media such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo,Chinese people look for products with a high value for money.Budget is also important to consider for Chinese gifters to ensure their gift is in an appropriate range,not too cheap but not too extravagant.9Sources:Xiaohongshu and Wei

21、bo.Gifts under certain prices:Many posts include the phrase”under X price,like this one which is priced under 100 RMB.The content also emphasizes that the product is of high-quality yet remains affordable enough to be a decent gift.It also includes a reassuring disclaimer,This product is by no means

22、 a bomb!,indicating that it offers great value for its price.Expensive looking products yet not expensive:There are a lot of posts with recommended items for giving a gift for boyfriends.Understanding that Chinese consumers are price-sensitive and value cost performance,the bolded headlined states,“

23、Products that look expensive yet not expensive”.Pursuing value for money in XHS and WeiboClear price tag and quantity ordered:Chinese consumers are highly influenced by popular products.As a result,displaying the quantity ordered boosts ones impulse in buying certain products online.On the image of

24、this post,in addition to the price tag,(“388 RMB/set”),there is the quantity ordered(“Gift box:391 quantity ordered”).2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDGen Z demands experiences over products as giftsGen Z(born 1997-2012)make up about 18%of the population as of May 2022 but already contribute

25、about 40%of consumption.They are are comfortable with new technology and desire to have products and experiences that allow them to express themselves.10Sources:Statista,McKinsey&Company,Medium,LeadLeo Research Institute,and Sina Finance.Image Sources:Xiaohongshu and .Over 50%of Gen Z consumers buy

26、experiential gifts such as fun activities,restaurant bookings,trips,lessons,according to a survey by LeadLeo Research Institute.39325050474111219Gen XGen YGen ZGift-giving categories across different generations(2022)Experiences(fun,travel,lessons,etc.)Gifts(cigarettes,wine,tea,snacks,etc.)BothGlamp

27、ingA popular trend among the Gen Z in China is glamping(glamor and camping),along with other outdoor leisure activities.These activities dont only allow them to find healing and relaxation but also allow them to share on social media.Responding to this demand,Ctrip,a leading online travel agency,has

28、 expanded its offerings to include a variety of experiential products,including customized trips to natural scenic sites and camping grounds,as well as plane and bus tickets.Customers can gift themselves these experiences by purchasing physical or electronic gift cards,which are available in differe

29、nt prices and designs.Live Action Role PlayingMany youngsters take their friends to Live Action Role Playing(LARP)as a surprise birthday gift.It is an immersive and interactive form of entertainment where participants assume fictional roles in simulations with props and detailed narratives.Gifted pr

30、oductsPhotos Sources:Xiaohongshu users 茉莉花社,yiyi.xu,小龙,and 成都银泰中心in99.2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDCommonly gifted products in China12Main occasionsExplanationMain gift recipientsExampleMain gift giversWeddings,anniversaries,birthdays A relatively expensive gift that reflects the relation

31、ships importanceSelf,girlfriends,wife,significant women in lifeJewelryJewelry as birthday gift for mothers and grandmothersSelf,boyfriends,husbands,friends,parentsChinese New Year and weddingsRed packets not only include cash,but also peoples best wishesYounger family,kids,bride and groom,employeesR

32、ed packetsRed packets from wedding guests to to the bride/groomOlder family,relatives,wedding guests,bossHolidaysRanging from mooncakes to Zongzi,holiday-specific productsFriends,relatives,bossSpecialized treatsMooncakes on the Mid Autumn FestivalOlder family,friends,relatives,employees Reuniting or

33、 during health events like pandemic or birthsNot only limited to the elderly but has expanded to young individualsElderly,close friends,women who gave birth,patientsMultivitamins for romantic partnerHealth productsFamily,close friendsDinner or lunch gatherings,visiting relatives on Spring FestivalIt

34、 is impolite to arrive to a hosts dinner,especially at home,empty handedHostsFruit when visiting relatives and friendsFruits/snacksGuestsSpontaneous,birthdays,New YearSome items with negative cultural associations are avoided such as shoesFamily,friends and their kidsBaby clothes when visiting a new

35、born babyClothingFamily,friends,parentsSocial gatherings,including business eventsMen will often gift cigarettes at any occasion,even to non-smokersCigarettes are usually exchanged between menCigarettes to leaders for closer relationshipsCigarettesGuestsBirthdays,anniversaries,graduation trips,honey

36、moonExperiences include spa treatments,gourmet dining,and tickets to cultural eventsFriends,couplesExperiencesConcert tickets as birthday gift Friends,family membersSocial gatherings,festivals and celebrationsOften used for celebration and/or showing of statusElders,leaders,respectable peopleAlcohol

37、Relatives bring Baijiu to the elders on major festivalsGuests,friends,relatives 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDGifting health and wellness products to loved ones13Health and wellness products are becoming popular as gifts as people seek ways to support the holistic wellbeing of others.Covid

38、-19,the aging population,urbanization,and increased health awareness,have further amplified this.Image Sources:Taobao and Xiaohongshu.Sources:JD.com,Taobao,Xiaohongshu,and Sohu.Beauty&personal care productsVitamins and health supplementsThere has been a rising demand for massaging tools,beauty devic

39、es,and other personal care products among the younger generation.ROAMAN introduced a special couples electric toothbrush gift box for the Qixi festival and SKG has topped the charts on JD and Taobao with massaging products.”Healing(疗愈系)products is a term frequently used in marketing campaigns and ad

40、vertisements to describe products that look aesthetic and evoke feelings tranquility.These products are strategically targeted towards customers who are seeking thoughtful gifts or a sense of comfort.“Healing”productsVitamins and supplements are popular gifts for a broad demographic,including parent

41、s and even diabetic people.Popular products for the elderly include milk powder,joint health supplements,and traditional Chinese medicine.Protein powder,gummies for improved sleep and reduced stress,and vitamins for productivity and energy are becoming more favored among young consumers.2023 Daxue C

42、onsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTrendy gift among the Chinese upper-middle class:PaxlovidBefore Covid-19,conventional medicine was not commonly given as gifts in China.However,in the end of 2022 and early 2023,medicine,such as Paxlovid,had become a trending gift among the Chinese upper-middle class.14So

43、urces:Financial Times,Reuters,and Leadleo Research Institute.Demand for Paxlovid far outstripped the supplyAbout 8,300 RMB per box at some high-end private hospitalsGifting among upper-middle class to maintain relationships“More coveted than Maotai(茅台)”Image Source:.In 2022,Pfizers Paxlovid as intro

44、duced in China,and it was sold within a little over thirty minutes after the listing was reported in the media.Refinitiv data suggests that the estimated sales for Paxlovid in 2023 are over$10 billion,although lower than those in 2022.Conventional medicine is not considered appropriate for giftingMe

45、dicine should be taken under doctors instructionsNutritional supplements instead are a gifting option for familiar recipientsRecipients health condition and daily diet are critical when purchasing nutritional supplementsBefore policy lifting in 2022After policy lifting in 2022 2023 Daxue ConsultingA

46、LL RIGHTS RESERVEDFruits are a go-to gift in China,now with premiumizationFruit symbolizes one blessing the recipient with longevity,health,and success.They are gifted on a wide range of occasions,from formal events like Chinese New Year and the Mid Autumn Festival to casual gatherings like spontane

47、ous/planned home visits.Image Source:JD.com.Sources:China History Network Zhejiang,Top China Travel,Blue Whale Finance,and GONYN.COM.Fruit gift boxes are sold as ready-to-give from supermarkets,and can be presented in baskets,boxes,or bags.The fruit selection may vary depending on the recipient and

48、occasion.As for Chinese New Year,7 fruits considered auspicious(see below)to be given as gifts.Giving pears,however,is considered unlucky as“sharing a pair”(分梨)is a homophone of“to separate”(分离).International brands like Dole and Zespri are making use of the increasing desire for premium fruits to s

49、ecure a position in the high-end fruit market,while local brands are concentrating on the low-end market.To commemorate the Year of the Rabbit,Zespri marketed their popular gold kiwi in attractively packaged gift boxes.Oranges Good luck and happinessPomelosFamily reunionApplesPeace and safetyGrapesA

50、bundancePineapplesWealthPomegra-natesLongevity and prosperitySugarcaneSuccess15 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDWinning over gift givers through enhanced product attractivenessAside from the product itself,gift givers and recipients value the personal,cultural,and interactive experience.Imag

51、es Source:Xiaohongshu.Coloring and numberingSome colors are favorable,while some are to be avoided due to their negative cultural associations Red:auspicious color because it brings luck and joy Gold:prosperity and wealth White:mourning and deathChinese gift givers highly value the personal sentimen

52、t and uniqueness of a gift,as it reflects the relationship and care they have for the recipient Voice message on gift packaging or card Name,personal message,or photo engraving services Personalized product recommendations,such as Taobaos gift recommendation list by target recipient Limited edition

53、productsSimilar to colors,some numbers are to be avoided,particularly when targeting older recipients 4 and its multiples:unlucky numbers as four(四 s)sounds similar to(死 s)which means death 6 and 8:lucky numbers as the former sounds like li(溜,“smooth”)and the latter(八 b)sounds like f(發,“to prosper”)

54、Interactive gift product experience can promote engagement,not only between individuals but also between people and the packaging itself,creating a more memorable experience.Virtual unboxing Multifunctional packaging 3D pop-up cards/packaging Interactive QR codes with personalized messagesInteractiv

55、e experienceDuring Valentines Day and as the trend of self-giving continues to rise,Chinese gifters are particularly drawn to beautiful items that hold personalized emotional value,good craftsmanship and good quality.Perfect Diarys envelope-shaped packaging includes a barcode that allows senders to

56、infuse a touch by sending a heartfelt voice message to the recipient,fostering a sense of storytelling and enhancing the overall personalized emotional sentiment associated with the gift.Personalization and customization services16 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVED“Niche yet sophisticated”gif

57、ts#小小众众高高级级are trending#小众高级 is a trending term indicating that the products are one-of-a-kind,unconventional yet goofy.17One-of-a-kindAdding unique elements related to the gift recipient,including photos and quotes,and can also incorporate aspects based on the recipients MBTI,favorite sports,or mus

58、ical instrumentsUnconventionalBuying gifts that are quirky and fun,which is fresh for the recipient.Good craftmanshipSophistication is reflected in the intricate detailing and excellent craftsmanship,adding a meaningful touchCreativeDIY gifts enhance the entire experience from purchasing to presenti

59、ng.As these gifts are distinctively personal creations,they hold a niche appeal and offer a more personalized touch.What“niche yet sophisticated”means for Chinese gift giversSource:Xiaohongshu.2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDHow Chinese boyfriends choose gifts for their girlfriendsWhen givin

60、g gifts to boyfriends or girlfriends,the gifts can become more intimate and personal as the relationship progresses.18Infatuation StageStability StageUnderstanding StageSymbolic products that mark special moments and create meaningful surprisesTrendy or general products,especially ones that most wom

61、en would likeMore intimateImageImagePractical gifts that hold intimacy in daily life,such as toothbrushes and clothing,and sometimes health related productsImageSource:Xiaohongshu.Stage 1:Infatuation StageStage 2:Stability StageStage 3:Understanding StageGiftGiftGiftDescriptionDescriptionDescription

62、 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDHow Chinese gift givers choose gifts by ageWhen giving gifts to friends,boyfriends,or girlfriends,the type of gifts can vary depending on the life stage of the recipient.19Childhood(Under 14)Cute items:stuffed animals,instant films,flowers with candies School

63、 supplies:pencils,notebooks,water bottles Small treats:Skittles,Kuai KuaiAdolescence and Young Adulthood(14-25)Appearance-related products:watches,hair accessories,lipsticks,Party-related:high-heeled shoes,perfume,dresses,alcohol School-related:books Adulthood(26-30)Products that symbolize stability

64、:bank cards,suits,ties Experiences:travel tickets High-end products:luxurious cosmetics and accessoriesMiddle Age(31-45)Home-related products:robot vacuum,air purifiers,massagearmchairs,electric shavers Travel:suitcaseTailoring gifts based on age adds a thoughtful touch to special occasions like lov

65、ed ones birthday or Chinese Valentines Day.Source:Xiaohongshu.List of birthday gift ideas for girls,ages 1-30520 gift ideas for men by age 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDIn China,students frequently give gifts to teachers In China,its customary to give teachers gifts during notable events l

66、ike graduations,birthdays,and Teachers Day.Chinese students prefer practical,affordable,high-quality,and personalized items to express appreciation and enhance the teaching experience.20Health and wellness related products Products that can improve the throats are commonly given,including birds nest

67、 and wolfberry,considering that teachers use their throat a lot.Humidifiers,hand creams and massagers are given to improve health Office/classroom supplies and decorationsStudents give products that can enhance the experience of teaching,including chalk holders,humidifiers,fountain pens or note pads

68、,and subject-related decorations.DIY productsTeacher portraits,clip-art image,cards,and paper flowersCoffee and teaCoffee and tea and related items like a mug or coffee machineCommon gifts for teachersTeachers Day is approaching!When giving a gift to our respected teachers,its important to have a se

69、nse of ceremony.A vintage yet sophisticated gift for Teachers Day is a favorite among teachers.It perfectly captures their elegance.When it comes to Teachers Day gifts,the most reliable approach is to consider whether the teacher is male or female.To assist with this,K-Dad has thoughtfully compiled

70、separate gift lists for male and female teachers,making it easier for everyone to make the right choice.Source:Xiaohongshu.Special occasionsPhotos Sources:Xiaohongshu users ANNND 共和设计事务所,小陈很迷糊,DOXILE多囍樂,and 小罐茶长沙国金店fang.2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDMajor traditional gifting occasions in C

71、hinaThe major gifting occasions in Chinese culture are deeply rooted in traditions and customs.Observing these traditions and participating in these events is an essential part of Chinese culture,emphasizing the value placed on interpersonal relationships and social harmony.22OccasionExplanationDate

72、Main gift giversMain gift recipientsSpring Festival/Chinese New YearBids farewell to past year and welcomes new with family gatherings,food,entertainmentFirst day of the first lunar monthFamily,friend,company,coworker,selfFamily,friend,coworker,clientMid Autumn/Moon FestivalCelebrates the harvest an

73、d full moon with family gatherings,moon cakes,lanternsFifteenth day of the eighth lunar month Family,friend,coworker,clientFamily,friend,coworker,clientQing Ming Festival/Tomb Sweeping DayHonors and remembers ancestors by visiting gravesites,performing rituals,etc.Fifth of fourth lunar month and 4th

74、 in leap yearsFamily,friendFamily,friendDragonboat FestivalCommemorates Chinese scholar Qu Yuan,with sticky rice dumpling and dragon boat racesFifth day of the fifth lunar monthFamily,friendFamily,friendPopular giftsFood:tea,red wine,pastriesHousehold items:thermos cups,towels,candlesFamily experien

75、ces:hotel reservations,trips,dinnerDigital products:earphones,smart watchesHealth/wellness:massage chairs,skincare itemsSpecialized treats and products:mooncakes,hairy crabs,telescope,flowersFood:fruits,nuts,pastries,wine,tea,supermarket gift card,vitaminsCultural and creative gifts:fans,calligraphy

76、 works,knotsFlowers,cashSacrificial offerings and food:cakes,fruits,tea,snacksFurniture and home supplies:kettles,water heaters,TV sets,tableware gift boxFood:Zongzi,tea,wine,regional and seasonal foods including fried dumplings in Jinjiang,FujianCultural gifts:hanging ornaments,t-shirts,Chinese kno

77、ts,paper cutting,fans,calligraphy,kites,flowers 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDChinese New Year:Time for brands to show off their Guochao(国国潮潮)productsThe Spring Festival,also known as the Chinese New Year(春节),is the most important holiday in China.Brands leverage this opportunity to incorp

78、orate Chinese elements into their products and demonstrate to consumers their appreciation of Chinese culture.Image Sources:Xiaohongshu and China Daily.In 2023,luxury brand Loewe celebrated the Year of the Rabbit with its series of iconic rabbit-shaped bags.The rabbits dropping ears are formed by a

79、knot,which symbolizes connection and good luck between people.Incorporating Chinese elements into product or transform entire productComplementing product with other culturally relevant productsIn 2023,spirit baijiu brand Kweichou Moutai offered a rabbit-themed gift box with a pair of Maotai,complem

80、ented by two pairs chopsticks and bowls,reflecting the culture of eating and celebrating the new year together.In 2023,milk brand Yili launched a Chinese gift box,with two of its milk packaging featuring Chinese characters family(家)and happiness”(福).The third one allowed customers to personalize it

81、with their family name,each with its unique history.Adding Chinese elements into package design23 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBrands create their own hongbao(红红包包)Red packets,known as hongbao in China,are money-filled envelopes given on numerous major festivals like the largest one known

82、 as the Chinese New Year and other personal occasions like birthdays,job promotions,and weddings.As important as it is for Chinese people,brands have produced unique and creative ways to show their understanding of them.Sources:Xinfengkou,China Daily,JPMorgan Chase&Co.Image Source:Xiaohongshu and Ne

83、tEase.PepsiCo developed its“Red Packet Rain”,incorporating its brand blue colors,blue and red,and an interactive element,emoji rain,onto the user interface.Fendis Chinese New Year gift box had panda-shaped and Fendi logo engraved red packets,a red lucky pouch,and plum blossoms.Elements on red packet

84、sBranded red packets include traditional Chineseelements like the Chinese zodiac,flowers,andauspicious clouds,in addition to the brand logo.While red is the typical color,they can occasionallybe created using alternative ones.Heartfelt messages as a thoughtful touchBrands add warm words or wishes on

85、 the cover of red packets.WeChat customizable digital red packetsSince Spring Festival of 2019,WeChat has opened the function of customizing the cover of red envelopes,most of which are customized by the enterprises,including large luxury brands,popular games and firms from food industry.By creating

86、 their own branded digital red packets,brands can raise brand awareness with low cost in Chinese market.Branded“red packets”For the year of the rabbit,brands added rabbits on the Zodiac design and some happy new year blessings.KFC created its digital red packet on WeChat.24 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL

87、RIGHTS RESERVEDEngaging in“family time”on Chinese New YearDuring Chinese New Year,Families gather to exchange gifts,light fireworks,and participate in other celebratory activities.Brands engage in marketing activities and promotions to capitalize on the festive season.25Image Sources:DIGITALING and

88、China Internet News Center.Sources:DIGITALING,Xiaohongshu,and China Internet News Center.In 2023,Red Bull created a Chinese New Year atmosphere through a holistic series of marketing activities.Short films were launched to showcase the liveliness of the New Year and to encourage netizens and KOLs to

89、 share their inspirations.An immersive AR feature was introduced in their offline stores introduced,providing participants with additional surprises.Additionally,Red Bull released a limited New Year gift box containing classical and new year drinks along with red envelopes.Family-themed productsBran

90、ds release products centered around the concept of family,such as family product/packaging designs and large family-size products.These offerings can also be limited in terms of time and supply,adding a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity.Chinese New Year short filmsBrands create short films that sh

91、ow their understanding of the festival and the idea of families gathering to connect emotionally with their consumers and even drive them to buy their products for gifting.Brand initiatives for Chinese New Year giftingIn 2023,Nongfu Spring released Collectors Edition glass bottles.The packaging and

92、glass bottle design featured a family of rabbits and the brands iconic red lettering on a white background,in honor of the Year of the Rabbit and the joyous family occasion.Like previous years,a limited amount of 100,000 sets were sold mainly as gifts.2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNon-trad

93、itional major gifting occasions in ChinaMajor gifting occasions in China revolve around an individual or group in society.Gifts are given to the target individual or group but sometimes even for other members in his family and other community.26OccasionExplanationDateMain gift givers/recipientsTeach

94、ers DayRecognizes and appreciates the contributions and hard work of teachersSeptember 10Student,parent of student,colleague teacherGraduationAcknowledges the educational completion of the individualVariesParents and friends student and sometimes student teacherBirthdaysCelebrate ones birthVariesAny

95、one including self birthday individualFamilialRomanticProfessionalMothers DayAppreciates mothers and soon-to-be mothersSecond Sunday of May each yearFamily,friend,self motherChildrens DayCelebrates the wellbeing and happiness of childrenJune 1Parents,other family,school childrenMarriageCelebrates th

96、e start of a shared and unique journey between the couplesVariesFamily,friend,and wedding guests newlywed coupleWedding AnniversariesHonor the strength and longevity between the married coupleVariesFamily and friends couples100th day celebrationCelebrate babys arrival by inviting friends and family

97、to ones home100th day since babys birthFamily and friends baby and/or momBirthdaysPopular giftsWellness and health care productsJewelryFlowersSkincare productsEducational and fun toysStationery productsHobbies-related productsSnacksRed packets and alcohol“xi tang”(喜糖)candies to guestsOffice toolsOff

98、ice healing decorationsCultural and creative productsFlowersHigh-end pen gift boxesJewelryFor men:small digital home products,outdoor sports productsFor women:Cosmetics,flowers,jewelryFor wife:skincare,jewelry,clothes,travel,dinnerFor husband:watches,wallets,suits,dinnerCosmeticsClothesRed packetsJe

99、welry for the baby 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDMore Valentines Days in China,5x more chances to gift loveChina has multiple Valentines Days.In recent years,the gift recipients have expanded from just significant others,to also include oneself,relatives,friends,and even pets.Double Third

100、Festival3rd day of the 3rd lunar monthMainly celebrated among Chinese ethnic groups520 Day on 20th of MayCelebrated mainly among the young but older people are adopting it Jewelry,watches,handbags,and vehiclesSeveral unofficial days related to Valentines Day in ChinaWhite Valentines Day14th of March

101、Originated in Japan and spread to ChinaWomen give gifts to menQixi Festival7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendarFlowers,lipsticks,and necklaces,for womenGifts for men include e-sports products and e-shaversSources:China Daily,LAT Multilingual,Investopedia,Verdict Media Limited,and T

102、he Chairmans Bao.Image Source:Xiaohongshu.Lancme launches limited-edition lipstick gift boxes,targeting girls boyfriends,friends,and family members on social media.It has become a popular choice for gifting for its high-cost performance and exquisite packaging.Generate content weeks prior to dayBefo

103、reValentinesDay,brandscreateusergeneratedcontent(UGC)andprofessionalgenerated(branded)content(PGC)on major platforms,particularly Xiaohongshu,Weibo,and Douyin.They promote newly released products,commonly referred to as zhongcao,or planting.”Create love-themed packagingBrands create love-themed pack

104、aging,not necessarily only for couples.Although not always red,designs usually include hearts.Special promotions to generate salesBrands hold different kinds of promotions,including customized lettering services on products,free gifts when purchasing requested amount,and limited combination sets.Way

105、s brands leverage Valentines Day for gifting27Singles Day on 11th of NovemberInitially started as anti-Valentines Day,but it became one of the worlds largest shopping festivals when Alibaba turned it into one in 2009Trending products in 2021 include household appliances,pet supplies health products,

106、and beauty products 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDIt is increasingly common to give on non-holidaysAlthough the Spring Festival,Qing Ming Festival,Dragon Boat Festival,and the Mid-Autumn Festival are the main gifting events in China,people are now gifting on minor festivals,on dates that a

107、re important to them personally,or even without a specific occasion.These gifts can be either planned in advance or given spontaneously.28OccasionHouse visits/HousewarmingReturning from travelHospital visitsExplanationWhen returning from travel,it is common to bring gifts for family,friends and coll

108、eaguesWhen visiting someones house or when ones house is being visited,guests and/or hosts give gifts.When visiting someone at the hospital,gifts are prepared.Popular gifts among Chinese people Local specialties and products such as red ginseng sticks from South Korea and wine from France Duty-free

109、products,with the government building more offline duty-free shops and attracting more international brands Traditional gifts:red packets,calligraphy and paintings,antique vase Household products:coffee machines,air purifiers,bed linings,cutlery set,lamps Decorations:flowers,ornaments Food:tea,snack

110、s,fruits,wineMost common:flowers,fruit basketsHealth/wellness products:calcium tablets,vitamins,healthy snacksBooks/magazines and other items that can entertain the patientJob promotionsWhen someone receives a job promotion,s/he may give or receive gifts from ones employers and co-workers.Practical

111、gifts:fountain pens,wallets,watches,cups Food:wine,liquor,spirits,tea,chocolates Symbolic decorations:items with underlying meaning such as a deer ornament statue representing success and longevityExamples of giftsImage Sources:Taobao,Naver Shopping,Riesling,H,Xiaomi,and Warting.Chinese gifting plat

112、formsPhotos Sources:Dianping.2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTaobao:a top choice for personalized,competitively priced,and high-tech giftingTaobao(淘宝),owned by Alibaba,is a leading comprehensive e-commerce platform that offers a wide variety of products and sellers,competitive pricing,strong

113、 logistics,and other features to provide customers with a smooth one-stop gifting experience.Sources:Most Visited eCommerce&Shopping Websites,and Similarweb.Gift purchasing and deliveryTaobao provides with a comprehensive and immersive gift searching and selecting experience by offering:Page dedicat

114、ed to gifted products:It allows customers to view its data-and AI-generated gifted products recommendations pageLivestream channels:Provides detailed product information live videos held by celebrities,influencers,and merchantsAugmented reality:Showcases products in 3D mode and provides consumers wi

115、th virtual try-on featuresImage Source:Taobao.Gifting inspirationTaobao offers a smooth purchasing and delivery service.Consumers can directly send the gift to the recipient.Delivery time may vary by seller,product,and other factors but the YSL 520 gift is to be delivered within 18 hours after payme

116、nt.30 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDOther popular online gifting platforms among Chinese consumersIn addition to Taobao,some of the other major online platforms that Chinese consumers use for gifting are Liwushuo(礼物说),Douyin(抖音),and Xiaohongshu(小红书).Sources:,Liwushuo,Douyin,and Xiaohongshu

117、.Professionally generated content(PGC):Providedetailedgiftingadviceaccordingtodifferentoccasions and recipientsAppversion:ChoosegiftsontheApp,andpurchase gifts on Taobao or JD.comWeChatminiprogramversion:Chooseandpurchase gifts on mini programLivestream channels:Provide detailed introductionof produ

118、cts and enable CRMInfluencermarketing:Consumersgivemorecredential to the products recommended by theinfluencers and celebrities that they like or followIncentives:Limited-timediscountsorlimited-number special offersContent type:PGC and user generated content(UGC)of gifting adviceLivestream channels:

119、Detailed product showcase,special discounts and offers,and CRMXiaohongshu Mall:Enable consumers conductdirect purchase by clicking the link in the postsLiwushuo(礼礼物物说说)Douyin(抖音抖音)Xiaohongshu(小小红书红书)31 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDChinese consumers use social media in search of the right

120、giftChinese gift givers aim to make their loved ones happy,so they use social media to find the best gift ideas and seek validation from others to ensure their choices will bring joy to the recipients.32“For a childs birthday,if you dont know what gift to choose,I recommend this adorable singing and

121、 swinging bear.Its incredibly cute,and the packaging is exquisite,making it a perfect gift.Little Flower loved it so much that she screamed with joy,and even after a long time has passed,she still adores it.At night,you can turn off the music and cuddle with it while sleeping.”300-500Small luxurious

122、 gifts for a guys birthdayLow budget yet dignified ZhihuXiaohongshuConsumers use Zhihu for gift ideas on special occasions and especially specifically for people close to them.There are many gift ideas under a specific price range price range that can be given to specific people,including boyfriends

123、/girlfriends,teachers,and parents.On Weibo,people share their gifting experiences and actively seek posts about bad gifting experiences to avoid making the similar mistakes.WeiboFourth:Skincare products.Suitable gifts for mothers when visiting parents,after all tobacco and alcohol are more appropria

124、te for fathers.Mothers should have their own special gifts.Fifth:Massage devices.They are highly practical and suitable for gifting for parents,even more thoughtful than tobacco and alcohol.Sources:Zhihu,Xiahongshu,and Weibo.2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDSources:2021 Research Report on Dev

125、elopment Trend and Consumption Behavior of Chinas Gift Industry,iiMedia Research,Image Sources:Ganso and Xiaohongshu.Chinese consumers still place importance on offline channels when purchasing giftsOffline channels remain important despite the prevalence of online gift purchases.In fact,offline cha

126、nnels ranked second overall in popularity for gift purchases,according to an iiMedia Research report.Chain stores and dealers are major types of offline channels.Chain storesBuying from brand chain stores enables direct interaction with employees and better gift selection and purchasing.At popular b

127、akery chain Gansos stores,customers can get up to a 5%discount by placing group orders through store managers.When buying gifts from supermarkets and hypermarkets,consumers can conveniently compare products and assess their quality and design from a wide range of products.They can also get special e

128、dition gift boxes,which may only be available offline.Supermarkets and hypermarkets33Photos Source:Xiaohongshu Users 金黄色的大帆儿,是藍,and _Siovan.Case studies 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBe&Cheery 百草味百草味 leading with creative Chinese New Year gift packagingBe&Cherry,acquired by PepsiCo in 2020

129、,is a top snack brand with the second largest share in the nuts industry.Renowned for its healthy and convenient snacks,its captivating gift packaging,especially for the Chinese New Year,garners widespread attention.Image Sources:Xinhua News Agency.Sources:Foodaily,Xinhua News Agency,and The Paper.1

130、9.8%23.8%28.9%37.4%38.7%41.6%62.2%Anime elementsFashionable elementsTechnological elementsMinimalismInnovationZodiac elementsGuoChao elementsConsumer preference for Chinese New Year gift box packagingMany Chinese people opt for gift box packaging that incorporates Guochao elements such as dragons,la

131、nterns,and Chinese characters(e.g.,福 meaning”good fortune”.)Be&Cherry achieved success with its innovative gift packaging in 2022,capturing 80%of the nut gift baskets market through various strategies:Guochao packaging:added well-known mythological characters,new year wishes,classic new year scenes

132、such as family gatherings Differentiated packaging:use simpler and 1.2 times larger packaging for offline channels than online channels to enhance visual appeal and attract attention Party size:launched individual product packages aimed at meeting the consumer demand for home stocking and sharing Di

133、fferentiated pricing:priced gift box between 59-300 yuan,meeting diverse consumer gift-giving needs with low,medium,and high price ranges Merchandise:collaborated with local brands and artists including calligraphy artist Zhu Jingyi to create limited-edition merchandiseStrategiesSource:iiMedia Resea

134、rch.35 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDUsmiles winning formula:Co-branding to make product gift-worthyUsmile has quickly risen to become one of Chinas top three electric toothbrush brands,gaining popularity as a go-to gift due to its appealing design.Its rapid success is credited to its cont

135、inuous collaboration with artists and brands from various industries.Image Sources:Usmile and Sina.Sources:usmile Official Website and Ipsos.Aesthetic packaging:suitable for gifting Matching packaging:matching the packaging patterns up with the product patterns Online channels:Taobao(淘宝),Douyin(抖音),

136、and Xiaohongshu(小红书)Offline channels:Sephora,Watsons,and pop-up events Collaborations:Create new product and packaging patterns with museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art,designers,specialized organizations,and other brandsStrategiesUsmile created a Valentines Day-themed Roman column electric

137、toothbrush to appeal to couples.It also collaborated with an LVMH designer to attract to younger generation.Through these collaborations,it has successfully been able to expand its consumer base.Usmile,founded in 2015,is a new player in the oral care industry that has challenged established brands l

138、ike Colgate,Crest,and Yunnan Baiyao.Its product packaging has received significant attention and has won 16 International Design Awards,making it suitable for various age groups.36 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDYSL Beauty NBA:Targeting boyfriends and husbands to sell makeupIn 2023,YSL Beau

139、ty was the most mentioned beauty and skincare brand in content related to Valentines Day.It teamed up with the NBA on Tencent Sports in 2021 to create year-round Valentines Day campaigns.This collaboration was a result of the shared target audience of YSLs Valentines Day gift boxes and the NBA-speci

140、fically,male consumers between 18 and 34 years old with a high level of spending power.Image Source:YSL Beauty WeChat Official Account.Sleek and romantic heart-shaped packagingVariations:contain different products in different gift boxes to cater for different recipients preferencesBefore games:spla

141、sh Ads on Tencent Sports appDuring games:interstitial Ads on Tencent Sports appAfter games:Collaboration with female sports KOLsFirst 150 consumers converted from games can get free membership of Tencent Sports6.4%4.7%4.3%4.1%3.7%2.8%1.9%1.9%YSLBeautyCoachColorkey LancmeLOralArmaniBeautyKiehlsPerfec

142、tDiaryBeauty and Skincare brands proportion of mentions of Valentines Day-related content in 2023Sources:QuestMobile and .YSL received the highest proportion of mentions related to Valentines Day among the top six beauty and skincare brands on social media platforms during the period from January 7t

143、h to February 4th,2023.37 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNikes viral 2020 video offers a fresh take on gifting red envelopes38Nikes video celebrating the Year of the Rat garnered a remarkable 4.8 million views in just 2 weeks.The ad creatively showcased the Chinese tradition of polite refus

144、al,while seamlessly integrating the brand into the narrative and raising brand awareness and interest.Image Source:Nikes YouTube Channel,“Lunar New Year:The Great Chase”Zodiac sign1.RatIntelligent,adaptable,quick-witted2.OxReliable,patient,determined3.Tiger Brave,confident,enthusiastic4.RabbitGentle

145、,sensitive,diplomatic5.DragonEnergetic,confident,charismatic6.SnakeWise,intuitive,determined7.Horse Energetic,friendly,adventurous8.SheepGentle,empathetic,creative9.MonkeyIntelligent,clever,intuitive10.RoosterHardworking,organized,honest11.DogLoyal,honest,faithful12.PigCompassionate,generous,diligen

146、tPersonality traitsNikes viral campaign video showcased a deep understanding of Chinese culture and its red envelope gifting tradition by:Emphasizing the family-centric culture of China through depictions of families visiting each other during Chinese New Year.Highlighting the social role dynamics i

147、n red envelope gifting,where older relatives give to younger ones until they achieve independence.Illustrating the practice of polite refusal before accepting red envelopes.Symbolizing the rats qualities of alertness,agility,and intelligence through the playful chase between the aunt and niece.“At N

148、ike,we inspire everyone to make sport a daily habit;even through the festivities of Chinese New Year.The spot takes a playful approach on a Chinese tradition reminding the audience to celebrate and have fun,to stay active during a time when we typically eat a bit too much.”Steve Tsoi,Vice President

149、of Marketing for Greater ChinaSource:Carnyx Group.In addition to making it culturally relevant,the video was successful because it took a humorous and playful approach regarding red envelopes,exaggerating the long distances and years gifting red packages can take,without giving insensitive,stereotyp

150、ical,and disrespectful nuances.Year202320312032203320342024202520262027202820292030ABOUT 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2023 DAXUE CONSULTINGALL RIGHTS RESERVEDOur mission is to guide businesses to holistic growth in ChinaThrough our market research and strategy consulting,we equip busines

151、ses with the knowledge and guidance to achieve growth in China and beyond40 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDWe see ourselves as an extension of the clients business in China or their target country,hence,we advise them as if we were in their shoes and investing along with them.Similar to how

152、 markets are constantly changing,our mindset is also always evolving.We value routine only when it helps us improve and we value change because it helps to keep pace with our time.While our projects team dives deep to provide catered research to clients,the media team shares insights publicly.At the

153、 same time,we foster a culture of sharing knowledge in our team,each individual works to increase their own knowledge and freely shares ideas each other.Only through the lenses of humility can knowledge be seen clearly.At Daxue Consulting,we are humble toward science and the truth.We interpret data

154、in a way that lets it speak for itself,even if contradicts our hypothesis.Freedom to manage and envision her or his mission increases the sense of responsibility to that mission.OurValues41 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDChina Shanghai(HQ)Hong KongSouthKorea(Rep.office,Seoul)Our APAC Networ

155、k42Our Clients400+clients since 2012 2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDClients testimonialsManaging Director Palmer Hargreaves“The communication,structure,problem solving and support we received from the team throughout the project wasfantastic,and it provided us with the ideal structure to ke

156、ep the client engaged and confident of the deliverables.In terms of the outputs/deliverables,I was very pleased with the level of detail in the reporting,speed of response toquestions and the flexibility to adjust and provide alternative output views.Should we be in the position of providing similar

157、 support to our clients in future,I would have absolutely no hesitation incontacting daxue consulting again,working in partnership to deliver a high-quality solution.”E-commerce Manager LIDL“Thank you so much for your and your teams support regarding our China eCommerce project.The feasibility study

158、 was verywell delivered and useful to give us insights about China market.As business evolves,we definitely need to keep abreast ofthe latest developments to cope with the rapid change of the market.In this sense,we will continue to need your support toour business growth.”Director Ecommerce Marketi

159、ng EMEA Ubisoft“Thank you for your answer.Ive been through the presentation and Im very impressed by all the useful detailed informationIve found.Thank you so much!”JAPAC Revenue Strategy Manager Twitter“Thanks so much for your hard work over the last several months and the multitude of presentation

160、s that you have done to our stakeholders.I highly appreciate the quality of work and also the patience with which you have answered the questions.Overall the work has been very well received and has been very educational for our teams in Singapore,New York and San Francisco.We will be using a lot of

161、 this information as we make critical investment decisions into China over the next several months.Please do pass on our thanks to the entire Daxue team-hope you do take a moment with the entire team to celebrate the success and outcome of this project!Also,I would be happy for you to use my reference for any future clients.”2023 Daxue ConsultingALL RIGHTS RESERVEDSTAY UPDATED ON CHINA MARKET INSIGHTShttps:/ https:/ release



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